‘The Good Place’ recap: 3×08 “Don’t Let the Good Life Pass You By”

The Good Place recap: Season 3, Episode 8, “Don’t Let the Good Life Pass You By,” Aired Nov. 15, 2018
Remember that stoner kid who guessed what happens in the afterlife with 92 percent accuracy? Well, Doug Forcett is the guy Michael had in mind when he told Eleanor about the blueprint of a good person. So the Soul Squad heads to Canada to visit Doug Forcett, who is much older than his picture in Michael’s office.

Oh, and at a Canadian bar, Eleanor reveals her feelings for Chidi, and Jason teaches everyone a new way to play pool.

Doug Forcett

That night Doug Forcett took magic mushrooms with his friend Randy (aka the night he made his famous prediction), he hallucinated how the afterlife works. With that new knowledge, Doug Forcett (and, yes, we’re calling him by his full name the entire article – he’s a celebrity!) decided to change his life to maximize his point accumulation so he could get into the Good Place. And this lifestyle makes him the blueprint of the perfect person.

The Good Place 3x08 Doug Forcett Don't Let The Good Life Pass You By

Except he’s not really the perfect person. All that maximization of point accumulation turns Doug Forcett into a happiness pump – a person who will do anything to make others happy, even if it makes themselves miserable.

And let me add: I don’t think Doug Forcett can actually get into the Good Place with these points because his motives are not pure enough. Doing good things just to get into the Good Place exempts you from the Good Place, as the humans can tell you. All for nothing, Doug Forcett?

 Heart eyes Eleanor

The Good Place 3x08 Don't Let The Good Life Pass You By Doug Forcett episode Cheleanor Chidi Eleanor

Eleanor confides in Tahani about her memories of being in love with Chidi. Tahani self-proclaims herself Eleanor’s best friend, and she advises Eleanor to tell Chidi her feelings. Her first attempt is interrupted by the entrance of the Bad Place demons, but she ends up spilling her feelings as they watch Janet fight. And Chidi’s response – looks like we’ll have to wait and see. I’m anxious to find out!

“I want these wasp nostrils”

The Good Place 3x08 Doug Forcett Chidi and Jason play Jacksonville style pool in a Canadian bar

While Michael and Janet are off taking notes on Doug Forcett, the rest of the Soul Squad hangs out at The Puking Moose. They have a great time until Shawn and his demons make their ways in. Eleanor gives an empowering speech full of confidence in Michael and Janet only for them to walk in right when she’s finished – perfect timing for Shawn to gloat about winning.

The Good Place 3x08 Don't Let The Good Life Pass You By Shawn and the Bad Place Demons

Thank you, Janet

The Good Place 3x08 Don't Let The Good Life Pass You By Janet fight scene in Doug Forcett episode

Just when the Soul Squad thinks they’ve lost, Janet starts a brawl with the Bad Place demons. In a hilarious fight scene, the Soul Squad, led by Janet, takes down the demons. I could probably talk about that fight scene for half an hour straight. That was so, so funny, and also amazing. As if we needed another reason to think Janet is the coolest.

The Good Place 3x08 Don't Let the Good Life Pass You By Doug Forcett episode Cheleanor Janet fight scene


And we’re going to Janet’s void! The humans are dead on Earth now, but at least they’ll probably be safe from demons now. Unfortunately, we have to wait two weeks for a new episode because of Thanksgiving; this really is the Bad Place! Have a great Thanksgiving, benches!


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