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‘The Flash’ recap: 5×05 “All Doll’d Up”

Halloween comes late to The Flash in an episode that gives the gift of WestAllen love.

The Flash season 5 episode 5, “All Doll’d Up”, aired on 13 November 2018.

I have a morbid, masochistic fascination with creepy stories. I like reading them, even if I scare myself to bits. You know what I find the creepiest horror stories of all? Dolls.

So, I was fully prepared to not sleep tonight after watching “All Doll’d Up”, which looked like it was gonna be a late Halloween-themed The Flash episode. Instead, it was Christmas come early, giving me lots of great moments between the team. For example, Barry and Iris. Especially Barry and Iris.

In the end, I didn’t even get an explanation for Rag Doll’s actions. But I’m too busy jumping in my seat to care. Barry and Iris worked on a case together. They supported each other. THEY DANCED AS A MARRIED COUPLE. ‘Gotham city’ was mentioned and I forgot about it by the end of the episode because BARRY AND IRIS.

Power Couple

The team-up starts when Rag Doll steals an exquisite heirloom necklace from a soon-to-be married couple. Barry is excited to find Iris on site interviewing the victims of theft. He suggests they investigate together. Really, he is just whipped and wants to spend time with his wife. I mean, did you see his face when he turned the corner and saw Iris interviewing people?

Rag Doll strikes again, and this time Barry witnesses him contorting. He realises that some weird long lines he found at the previous crime scene were stretched fingerprints. This allows him to ID Rag Doll as a young man named Peter Merkel. Iris links Peter to his billionaire mother, who happens to be hosting a gala. Barry proposes an investigation-cum-date night! They attend the gala and slow dance. Well, they talk to Mama Merkel too, but slow dancing.

the flash iris west westallen

Throughout the episode, Iris also continues to question her future actions with Nora. Barry constantly tries to console her. His belief that present Iris can simply not become future Iris (the one that Nora knew before she changed the timeline, that is) is too simple for such a complex emotional issue, which Iris points out. That’s not really the point, though. It’s that the lightning rod works both ways. Now we see Barry anchor Iris.

the flash iris west barry allen westallen
image: the CW

For some reason, Rag Doll decides to hurt Iris by kidnapping Barry. He cuffs Barry in the power-dampening cuffs before pushing him off a building. AND IRIS JUMPS OFF AFTER HIM. But here’s the cool thing about Iris: she doesn’t act blindly. She has the keys to the cuffs. She unlocks Barry in mid-air so he can Flash them safely to the ground. It’s crazy and absolutely epic.

the flash barry allen iris west westallen

West Women

Meanwhile, Nora is still staying with Cecile and Joe while she avoids her parents. Specifically, her mother. Barry tells her she should differentiate present Iris from what Iris became, but is too busy being heads of heels for Iris to help Nora understand that.

Enter Cecile, who refuses to condone Nora’s complaints about her mother. Instead, she makes Nora do chores while telling her stories about Barry. Except they aren’t about Barry, but of Iris as a child. This provides Nora a different perspective about her mother.

After witnessing the glory that is Iris West-Allen jumping off a building to save her husband, Nora has a cemented change of heart. I mean, who wouldn’t love Iris after seeing something like that? Iris finds her daughter writing in her journal, and they realise that recording events is a family thing. Nora keeps her journal and Iris reports. Barry (being the lovestruck nerd he is) apparently has been keeping a scrapbook about Iris since he was a kid.

the flash iris west nora west-allen
image: the CW

Trail gone cold

If WestAllen is one of the best romances on television right now, KillerVibe is one of the best platonic friendships. Time and again these two go out of their way for each other. They always know what to say when the other is down.

Cisco used his powers to help Caitlin, Ralph, and Sherloque find out more about her father. Thanks the his efforts, Ralph and Sherloque manage to  However, the vibing eventually reopened Cisco’s wounds, took a toll on him, and ultimately caused him a seizure. But to him, it was worth it if it meant helping Caitlin. After using his powers to help investigations for so long, Cisco is feeling like he loses his value without them. Caitlin, having also lost her powers, reminds him that he is more than Vibe. He is also a fantastic mechanic and good friend.

Speaking of fantastic mechanic, Cisco in the end hacks into DeVoe’s other satellites so Team Flash no longer has their “nor surveillance” problem.


  • The very first scene. Barry put his arms behind his head. Guy is jacked.
  • “Someone stole a Monet.” “At ten A.M.? That’s bold.” – Iris and Barry
  • Anyone felt like the art-stealing motorcyclists looked like Power Rangers? Just me?
  • They mentioned Professor Stein. Ouch. Legends of Tomorrow also made a small tribute to the character yesterday. It’s been almost a year.
  • Ralph has taken to calling Sherloque “Shirley”.
  • “That cold gun was pretty amazing.” “It was stolen almost immediately.” – Cisco and Caitlin
  • “Saw it in a comic book.” – Ralph, before Tarzan-ing his way across the city like Mr Fantastic.
  • “And that was raw, unrefined, cage-free, non-GMO badassery.” – Cisco about Iris’ heroics.
  • Round of applause for Troy James, who was fantastically creepy in his movements as Rag Doll!

If you’re feeling the Flash spirit, join in the flash-y festivities in our Flash Zone!

(featured image: the CW)


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