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What if ‘Once Upon a Time’ had a spin-off?

Can you imagine turning on the TV in a couple of years to see your favorite storybook characters on your screen once again?

Once Upon a Time may have closed their storybook in May, but I can’t help but want more out of it. Now, I know it’s over, but it’s always fun to think up a hypothetical spin-off for the show. After all, the season 7 finale was very open-ended. It gave fans closure but also the opportunity to explore the characters’ next stories. So here are some things that I would love to see if one day Once Upon a Time graces our screens again. You never know — have some hope!


Emma and Killian raising Hope…as a teenager

This is non-negotiable. I want to see Emma and Killian raising their magically-inclined daughter, Hope. We never got to see Emma raise Henry, so it would be perfect to see Emma raise Hope on our screens. Killian never got to raise a child, so to see this adventure for him would be amazing. Not to mention seeing Killian teach Hope how to sail and say “bloody hell.” Those were probably her first words. Emma, of course, would be helping Hope cope with her magic and learn how to use it for good. Imagine how cute the scenes between Emma, Killian and Hope would be.

Of course with the fluff, there would have to be some angst thrown in there because it is OUAT after all. Maybe Hope turns a schoolmate into a frog or something and Emma and Killian have to lay down the law. Killian would totally be the more lenient parent and Emma sterner. Let’s face it, Hope would be a daddy’s girl. And maybe, just maybe they end up having another kid along the way so Hope has a little sibling to pick on and be protective of. I also wouldn’t mind a spin-off focusing on Hope Swan-Jones with appearances from all of our faves. Well, the ones that managed to survive the seven seasons. RIP Robin, Belle and Rumple…

Also, I totally wouldn’t mind scenes with just Emma and Killian because I miss them, and they are the best.

Sisterly Zelena and Regina scenes

Give me all the sister scenes between Regina and Zelena. The sass level would be off the wall between these two, but that’s what always made their interactions so much fun to watch. I can see them opening a store together along Main Street, probably selling Zelena’s staple hats and Regina’s sensible pantsuits. I can see it. Maybe they live together and Robyn and Alice often come over for family dinners. Complete with an apple pie, of course. How can we ever forget the apple pie? Regina and Zelena always had a back-and-forth relationship, so it would be cool to see them getting along with some sisterly fights along the way. They could also fight whatever big bads dare to make an appearance throughout the years. With Zelena living without magic, I’m sure Regina would have her back.

This goes without saying, but Regina would still be reigning over the realms as the Good Queen. Sometime throughout the years, she hung up her mayor hat of Storybrooke. It’s all about the bigger picture now.

Alice and Robyn wedding

We never saw this after the proposal, and I think it should definitely be in a potential spinoff. It wouldn’t be a typical wedding though. After all, it is Alice from Wonderland and Robyn, the daughter of Robin Hood and the Wicked Witch of the West. No way would normal even be considered for them. I’m sure Zelena would be a mother of the bridezilla; Wish Hook would just stay back and let the women handle it. Tiana would definitely cater the wedding, complete with beignets. Both old and new characters would all be in attendance. Killian and Wish Hook would definitely have to meet up during this wedding and have an argument over who’s the better looking Captain Hook. Because let’s be real, that’s something that would probably happen. Then Alice would have to pull her reluctant father away before it got too out of hand.

Moments between the Storybrooke characters & other realm characters

We could get that Emma and Elsa meet up, and Elsa could even help Hope practice her magic too. Also, wouldn’t it be great to see Ruby again? Snow and she could hang out just like old times — minus the bandit aspect. It could be like a big reunion between everyone in all the realms. Which brings me to this: the Storybrooke characters having adventures in the different realms. I would imagine Charming and Snow moving back to the Enchanted Forest just for the sake of old times. Camelot would be strictly off-limits, for reasons, for most of the characters. The OG and new characters would all ban together to chase down the big bads from each realm.

A Christmas episode

I cannot believe we never got even a semblance of a holiday-themed episode. I wouldn’t care if we got a Halloween or Thanksgiving episode, but I would love nothing more than to see our OUAT characters celebrating the holiday season. Killian and Emma would pretend they weren’t very festive but their house would be decked out in lights and garland. Regina would be more modest in her decorations. A queen doesn’t string her own lights, obvs. Snow and Charming would definitely be the ones to host Christmas with Snow going ALL out. It would be a noisy affair, but hey, it would be amazing. If I had my way, it would be a Hallmark Christmas movie, except with OUAT characters. That would be the dream.

There are still stories to tell, so a spin-off wouldn’t be too far-fetched. As I said before, you never know. Maybe one day we’ll turn on the TV to a reunion TV movie. What would you want to see in a spin-off if it ever happens? Let us know by sounding off below or tweeting us!

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