‘Supergirl’ recap: 4×05 “Parasite Lost”

Supergirl recap: Season 4, Episode 5, “Parasite Lost” Aired November 11, 2018.

In this week’s episode the parental relationship, which is a common theme, popped back up. Only this time it was in a new fresh way. A man who abandoned his child, gets a long awaited reunion with her. Nothing brings families on this show together more than the threat of death.

National City’s resident healer, starts to die, due to theft of his life gem. This episode surrounds the idea of the mixed/interracial/species union. A long known concept no matter what universe you live in.

Our team must join together to help this healer, before his life force runs out.


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Liberty injects the parasite into Jensen. This gives Jensen the ability to take aliens’ powers and kills them in the process. The issue is, he can not retain the power for long. He needs a power conduit to keep them long term. This enacts the events that break up a family.

  • Amadei is a friend of J’onn’s. He is an alien healer that heals the sick.
  • The problem is he can only heal aliens.
  • The gem on his chest gives him his life force.

It is interesting that Jensen’s power is to extinguish life and Amadei’s is to preserve it. Amadei’s primary goal in his life is to,

“Heal the human heart.”

These words are spoken at two different times during this episode. Both of these times have very different meanings.



Meanwhile, Ben Lockwood is being a xenophobic a** per usual. James is invited to an event hosted by the mayor. The mayor requests that Guardian speak. Lena convinces him to go. The couple arrive all smiles and happiness. That is until they discover the true purpose of the invitation.

  • The Mayor believes Guardian can help control the alien population.
  • Ben Lockwood tries to recruit James to his cause.
  • James realizes he is at a xenophobe party.

At the end of the party James comes up with an idea. He wants to work with Ben to infiltrate the program. His goal will be to undermine their mission and win back over the human population. James has a good plan! Yay!

The Daughter


J’onn uses his powers to search Amadei’s mind. He sees the last image that was in his head when he was attacked, a young woman. Brainy helps J’onn track down the woman. He and Kara find a woman and her daughter living in the suburbs. They find out some disturbing news.

  1. Amadei has a daughter he abandoned.
  2. She wrote to him and he never wrote back.
  3. He left her Mother.

Kara is devastated to find out a man who spent his whole life healing others, was really a bad guy. Or was he? We find out late that he did write back to his daughter. It was her Mom that kept him from her. It was also her Mom who told The Agents of Liberty where to find Amadei.

Now Jensen can keep the powers he takes, because she showed him the way.

The DEO vs. Parasite vs. Supergirl


Jensen shows up at the vigil for Amadei. He wants to take all the aliens’ powers. Once he does he will be unstoppable. Naturally the DEO isn’t having it. Supergirl shows up for back up but cannot engage. They cannot risk him taking her powers. Once again it is up to Alex and her awesomenss to save the day.

Does she? You’re damn right she does! Alex reminds Jensen of who he was. Jensen realizes this isn’t who he wants to be. He gives up and gives them back the stone.

Amadei gets to meet his daughter. Mind you they never tell us what happens to the evil Mother. 

What did you think of this week’s episode? Do you think James’ plan will work? Sound off in the comments!

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