‘Daredevil’ recap: Season 3, Episode 7, “Aftermath”

Time to pick up the pieces.

Daredevil season 3, episode 7 recap “Aftermath”, aired on Oct, 19th, 2018.

Warning: Full spoilers will follow

It’s become clear that Fisk is out to frame Daredevil on the assault on the Bulletin. Hot off the heels of a dynamite Daredevil/Bullseye fight, it would’ve made sense to take a breath and slow things down. Luckily, things are kept moving in the midsection of season 3.

Monday. Tuesday. Wednesday…every day of the week! (Marvel/Netflix)

Dead ends

The trail had gone cold with Evans’ death and Matt, Foggy and Karen are back to square one with nothing to go on. Karen tries to get the heat off of Daredevil by convincing Nadeem and her boss, Ellison by saying it was an impostor, to no avail and she’s faced with an ultimatum: either reveal who Daredevil is or quit her job.

Nadeem’s in a similar spot as he has an epiphany when he realizes that Fisk is manipulating him to throw him off his trail and he can’t find any proof. Foggy, still reeling from the Bulletin assault, has stumbled on something that could give him an edge to run for DA against Blake Tower.

The Man With Fear?

A shaken-up Matt can’t comprehend how skilled this faux-Daredevil or how Fisk is staying several steps ahead of him. He goes right to the source by visiting Melvin Potter, who’s been coerced to help Fisk stop him by making Dex a copy of his red suit. Melvin offers to make him another one “I don’t want the suit anymore, I’ve outgrown what it stood for” says Matt.

Charlie Cox in Daredevil (2015)
Does it still fit? (Marvel/Netflix)

We get Matt vs Melvin, part 2 and he even breaks out the buzz saws and we get to see Betsy, the apple of his eye, for the first time. It’s easy to find out why he helped Fisk, he did it to ensure her safety. It’s his only appearance this season but the show makes it count. It turns out that Betsy is his parole officer and when Matt tells her to leave town. It could potentially plant the seeds for Melvin to turn heel as the Gladiator!

The episode ends with Matt confronting Nadeem at his house and he points him in the right direction.

Daredevil had every reason to slow down and while it did with “Aftermath”.  There’s a purpose behind every scene. If only other Defender shows could learn from it…

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