‘Charmed’ recap 1×05 “Other Women”

This one hit us in the feels!

Charmed recap: Season 1, Episode 5, “Other Women,” Aired November 11, 2018

This is the most emotional episode of Charmed so far, as Mel makes an impulsive and heartbreaking decision to save the woman she loves. All of the Charmed Ones are forced to confront the reality that being witches might come at a cost to the relationships they have in the non-magical world.

New Roomie!

In a delightful development, Harry has temporarily moved into the attic. The Elders have taken the Book of Shadows to check for any more surprise spells, and Harry’s sticking around for protection. It’s an adjustment for everyone, but it leads to some late-night confessions. Maggie worries over her kiss with Parker, while Mel feels guilt over Trip’s death and how it’s affecting Niko.

Niko and Mel visit Trip’s grave, Niko (rightly) can’t make sense of the fact that her partner was a murderer. As they walk away a mysterious man shows up and turns into smoke over Trip’s grave.

Maggie and Macy bond over cyber-stalking


At work Macy meets Alastair Caine, who apart from being up to no good (he stole the Harbinger last week), is the CEO of a biotech company and donor to the lab. Macy’s day turns sour when Galvin’s late and not responding to her messages. Turns out he’s got a new woman, her name is Summer and Macy is not a fan. Maggie also gets unexpected news when Lucy tells her that Parker has dumped her. Things get even more complicated when Lucy asks Maggie to find out who Parker cheated on her with.

Macy is cyber-stalking Summer when Maggie walks in and being a supportive sister, she offers to help Macy with her investigation.  It turns out that Summer is absolutely perfect, which obviously makes Maggie wonder if she could be a demon. Harry, roommate extraordinaire, concedes that she could  be a succubus.

Niko’s search for the truth


A relentless Niko keeps trying to make sense of Trip’s death. She looks into his last investigation and finds that Trip had made a connection between Marisol’s murder and the murder of three other woman. The case files are now missing and Niko believes that Tripp was framed because of what he discovered. Mel inadvertently helps Niko figure out where Trip hid the evidence and heads to his cabin.

Following right behind her is the mysterious guy from the graveside, his name is Hunter and he’s working with Alastair to find the Elder DNA samples Trip had. Hunter takes on Trips’ form and tricks Niko into handing over the samples, and then sets the cabin on fire with Niko still inside. Mel shows up just in time to save Niko, although she can’t use her powers to freeze the green fire (which Harry reveals is actually hell flame and it’s resistant to magic).

Maggie and Macy face some hard truths


Maggie and Macy head to a party to prove whether or not Summer is a succubus. Harry having provided them with a list of things to look out for and a spell.  Maggie runs into Parker who admits that he broke up with Lucy because he can’t stop thinking about Maggie.

Macy sees a strange mark on Galvin and takes it as confirmation that Summer’s got Galvin under her influence. Maggie and Macy rush over to Galvin’s place to save him from Summer…who turns out not to be a succubus. Macy admits to Maggie that she pushed Galvin away and that she was upset when he moved on so fast. Macy and Galvin’s relationship is one full of potential, that so far has meandered a bit. The fact that Maggie can still see the mark on Galvin, but no one else can, sets up an interesting direction for their storyline.

Maggie confesses that she kissed Parker because she wanted to and realizes she has to come clean to Lucy. Lucy does not take the news well and throws Maggie out of Kappa.

Mel will do anything to save Niko


Mel catches up Harry on everything that’s happened, he believes that the thing after Niko is a shapeshifting demon who won’t stop going after Niko until she’s dead. When a nurse comes in to inject a green substance into Niko, Mel realizes this is the shapeshifter. She freezes time and calls Harry, they manage to get rid of the shapeshifter, but it’s clear Niko’s in danger.

Mel wants to perform a spell to rewrite history so that she and Niko never meet. She believes it’s the only way she can save Niko’s life. Mel asks her sister’s to help her perform this powerful spell and they agree. Harry warns them there will have unforeseen consequences and confesses that he can’t remember his human life.

A heartbreaking goodbye


Mel doesn’t change her mind, so as her sisters finish the spell, she goes to say goodbye to Niko. As images from their relationship dissolve around them, Mel promises to always love Niko. Niko herself fades away, leaving a devastated Mel behind.

The Niko and Mel relationship has been one of the best parts of the show so far, and the fact that it’s a queer relationship between two minorities should also be highlighted. As heartbreaking as it was to watch that goodbye scene I can’t help but wonder, if it could have been more effective later in the season. Pacing-wise, it was feels way too fast for the emotional stakes to really be effective.

Unintended consequences.


Those unintended consequences Harry talked about? Turns out without Niko in her life Mel misses her job interview, and never got her job. Hunter and Alastair are not just working together, in fact they’re father and son. Because of the Charmed Ones’ spell, they’ve lost the witches’ DNA and turn their attentions towards a new target, Macy.

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