‘Manifest’ 1×07 recap: “S.N.A.F.U”

Manifest recap: Season 1, Episode 7, “S.N.A.F.U,” aired Nov. 12, 2018.

Can we just take a moment to appreciate the awesomeness that is Josh Dallas? Seriously, I thought he was great as Prince Charming in OUAT, but he is killing it x 100 as Ben Stone. This episode had a lot of interesting plotlines going on. Not to mention a hella awkward dinner party that should have had more wine. Also, but not surprising, Michaela kicking some butt. This, by far, is one of my favorite episodes of the season. Let’s dig in!

Fortune 500 biz

So Ben decides to infiltrate a Fortune 500 company to get close to some insider information on the missing people from the plane. What a bold move, Ben. Fortunately, he’s hired immediately for the entry level position, so his mission is a go with all the Dad Jokes to boot! He has no problem becoming one of the bros because his boss is…well, his boss is a total bro himself. You know the type. Anyway, Fiona is the woman that Ben needs to talk to — Sanvee and he believes she’s responsible for the missing people. Not going to lie, Fiona gave me some vibes, and they weren’t the good kinds.

All is going well; Ben is totally slaying infiltrating the business. He’s hanging with the guys, making fast friends. And he’s smart enough to play the klutz to get him what he wants, which he does. He snags some information off the IT’s computer, but that’s when things take a turn for the worse. Of course, it’s not smooth sailing for Ben. Guess who pops up at his work? Uh huh, none other than Vance himself. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think Vance was a total stalker. Unfortunately, after Ben’s successes, he gets the flash drive taken away from him. Not cool, Vance, not cool.

Climbing those (fake) mountains

Okay, don’t hate me for saying this, but I love Olive and Danny’s relationship. You really see how much he cares for her and vice versa. We see Danny helping Olive train to climb, but she abruptly quits. After a little talk with Ben, she agrees to keep training. True to his word, Danny shows up the next day to help her train. He’s so sweet, you guys. I’m honestly so torn between Danny and Ben. They’re both great. Ugh, this is so difficult. Olive confesses to Danny that she never really wanted to climb the mountain, she just wanted to spend time with him. Again, freaking sweet. They both continue to train for their goal.

Right as Danny drops Olive out, with Grace present (oh awk), Ben pulls into the driveway. Talk about bad timing. I felt so much awkwardness bouncing off my laptop screen. Seriously. In this scene, we get a little bit of a jealous Ben with him questioning Danny when he’s going to be done. Oh, the angst. THE ANGST. The camera soon cuts to Danny, alone in a restaurant, looking very forlorn. My heart hurts for the guy; I can’t help it, okay.

Michaela’s own mystery to solve

Michaela and Jared are following her callings this episode while on duty. I appreciate that Jared is listening to her with the callings. You’re not on my list anymore, Jared. The episode starts with a boy’s grandfather who got murdered. After Michaela encourages the boy to ID the killer, she starts to have some different callings. This time, as they chase after the murderer running amuck, she feels a heartbeat. However, it’s not her heart beat like Jared assume. No, what we find out about that calling is a lot more significant, and it made my heart hurt a little bit. Then again, my heart hurts a lot during this show. Michaela and Jared are able to follow the heart beats to save an older man from the murderer. Michaela is totally bad ass in this scene! She tackles the man and puts him to justice. Michaela is the emobidment of a strong female character in a TV show. I appreciate it.

When Michaela finds the boy in the barber shop, the heartbeat is stronger than ever. She snoops around the shop and discovers a picture of Evie hanging on the mirror. The boy tells her that she was his organ donor. And cue the cries from audiences across the world. Now that is some deep stuff right there. It’s also kind of special that this calling connected her with one of her deceased best friends. That’s real powerful.

More of Madeline’s musings

  • The dinner party between Jared, Michaela and Lourdes was all kinds of awkward. Like.
  • I want Danny to be happy.
  • Sanvee and Ben, you guys. That’s all.
  • Michaela is so fierce, and I absolutely love her.
  • So, did Ben get fired from his job?
  • The Olive and Danny scenes were so cute — I don’t care what you all say.
  • Michaela gives me major Emma Swan vibes.

Overall, this was a really strong episode. It was definitely one of my favorites with even more questions being formulated by yours truly. There was just a lot to this episode that I liked — all of the minor subplots were even interesting. Also, what is Vance up to!? What did you guys think of this episode? Sign off below or give us a tweet!

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