Ariana Grande’s ‘thank u, next’ inspires even your favorite fandom females

What’s the mix between a foreboding old owl and a vanilla-scented pixie? It’s the question everybody inevitably asks, and the obvious answer is: Ariana Grande. Even though her ponytail gives her “constant pain,” she’s still producing the next bop… and “thank u, next” is no exception.

A song that we all would have guessed to be a savage take down of her recent ex-fiancé Pete Davidson, actually turned out to be a love letter to herself. Grande echoes truth and resilience as she thanks each of her exes for allowing her to grow as a person. The pop-sensation not only has a voice that will compel even the nastiest of demons to attend church choir, she’s also the embodiment of gratefulness and grace. No wonder why we all are obsessed with her.

How will your favorite ladies in fandom respond to Ariana Grande’s latest smash? Well, wonder no longer because we can give you an answer! (But it’s all a matter of personal taste, of course.)

Lets crank up “thank u, next” and you can either dance, scream, or cry (or all three) along with us as we reminisce about the ones who taught us love, the ones who taught us patience, and the ones who taught us pain:

Alice Cooper: Riverdale

Veronica Mars: Veronica Mars


Izzy Lightwood: Shadowhunters



Emma Swan: Once Upon a Time


Lydia Martin: Teen Wolf


Rory Gilmore: Gilmore Girls


Felicity Smoak: Arrow

Clarke Griffin: The 100

Lara Jean Covey: To All The Boy’s I’ve Loved Before

Brooke Davis: One Tree Hill


God is a woman.

thank u, next



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