Enthusiasm in anime: Love what you do, do what you love

Are you as ready to discuss enthusiasm in anime as I am? Part of the existence of being an otaku is embracing the energy and emotion of enthusiasm. If you look back at the origin of the word, then you’ll see that enthusiasm has an essence that does not change. Divine inspiration, rapt in ecstasy, fervor and zeal are an integral part to what enthusiasm is. I’ve got this eagerness that I want to pass onto you!

How does that play with our topic today of enthusiasm in anime? Enthusiastic characters pop-up all-over anime. I believe that enthusiasm is one of those traits that is easy for creators to display. It can come across in so many ways. However, if you are excited about something, then you want to show it. That is how it is with me. Much like the anime assistants, this topic is one that speaks to me. Correspondingly, I want to share my intensity for these enthusiastic characters.

Spoiler: My standard warning that there may be a spoiler or two in these character descriptions. It is my hope to keep them small enough to not ruin the experience for you. Yet, my dream is that you’ll take the small spoilers as encouragement and give each of these anime selections a try.


Enthusiasm in anime – Passion for your work

Enthusiasm in anime - Mei
Anime: My Hero Academia – Gif: Funimation

“Heh heh heh…Failure is the mother of invention, Power Loader sensei. Thomas Edison once said that. Just cuz a creation doesn’t work as intended doesn’t mean the effort is wasted…”

Mei Hatsume is a student in the support course at U.A. High School. She possesses this absolute mania for the creation and development of her creations (or, as she so affectionately calls them, her “babies”). Her ardor when it comes to her babies makes her shine brilliantly. Of course, Mei seeks out Midoriya to make an ally who can help her market inventions. Everything she does, even her failures, is done with a craving to make her work better. Mei’s enthusiasm boils over to become the best support hero she can be!


Enthusiasm in anime – Devotion to your philosophy

Enthusiasm in anime - Isshiki
Anime: Food Wars – Gif: Sentai Filmworks

Satoshi Isshiki is a student at Totsuki Culinary Academy. He is a quirky, spontaneous young chef with skills commensurate with his position as a member of the Elite Ten Council. When you view Isshiki cook, you might wonder why I include him as an enthusiastic character. Mostly he is a bit silly and odd. In spite that, he fervently embraces the springtime of youth philosophy. Isshiki believes that the time and opportunity given to him and his compatriots is a chance to experiment and learn. He devotes himself to that opportunity before it closes. Every interaction, whether it is between ingredients or cooks, is one of value where you can learn something new.


Enthusiasm in anime – Fervor for your love

Enthusiasm in anime - Albedo
Anime: Overlord – Gif: Funimation

Albedo is the Guardian Overseer of the Great Tomb of Nazarick. Her enthusiasm manifests itself in a vivaciousness of warmth and infatuation for Ainz. Albedo is (very literally) programmed with a duty to protect the Tomb. After a manipulation of her code, she falls passionately in love with her Overlord. At the same time, don’t let this fool you – I take it as a microcosm of nature vs nurture. Albedo very well might have fallen for Ainz because of his power and leadership skills. However, her exhilaration comes from serving her lord and seeing his love returned. Enthusiasm in love can be a most beautiful thing or it may be a twisted mess.


Enthusiasm in anime – Intensity for your life

Enthusiasm in anime - Takeo
Anime: My Love Story – Gif: Sentai Filmworks

Takeo Gouda is a high school student who just wants to find a girlfriend. He pursues his ikigai with a burning intensity. His energy burns brightly. He is well liked by his friends. His athletic ability pulls him into spots where his extreme size elicits great comedic effect. Takeo reveals his brand of enthusiasm through is spirit. He may be overbearing but it is with the best of intentions. Uniquely, Takeo wants to be ready for his first kiss and in his conviction for the practice he pins down his best friend with the addition of saran-wrap. A passion for life can be a special kind of enthusiasm.


Enthusiasm in anime – Zeal for your interest

Enthusiasm in anime - Jibril
Anime: No Game No Life – Gif: Sentai Filmworks

Jibril is an “angel of death” with an obsession for knowledge. She possesses an absolute utter craving for all forms of the unknown. Jibril once took the heads of her opponents as trophies but after the implementation of the Ten Pledges she had to settle for taking libraries (as taking knowledge is as good as taking one’s head). Her fascination with learning more and more drives her enthusiasm. It also inflates her ego. Jibril had an easy turn one win over Sora and Shiro but chose to protect them so she could have a more interesting game with them.


Notwithstanding, enthusiasm is hard for me to communicate in words. What I’d give for a panel room where we could talk about these passionate characters (and the dozen or so that I couldn’t include here)! So, leave me a comment here to let me know what you think. Or even better, connect with me on social media (FacebookTwitterInstagram). I’d love to communicate with you about this topic!


Featured image: Viz Media


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