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‘The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’: Our Top 6 Relationships From the Hit Series

More than magic or cool fashion, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is a show about the connections of friendship, love, and desire. One of Sabrina’s main dilemma’s throughout the first stemmed from the fact that she did not want to lose her connection to besties or the boy she loved. The connections of family and not just for Sabrina gives the show that extra something that keeps its audience wholly invested in this amazing show.  Read on for some of our favorite CAOS relationships. This post will contain spoilers from Pt 1, Season 1 of the Netflix series.


1) Miss Wardwell/Madame Satan & Sabrina

Okay, hear me out on this one. Miss Wardwell pre-possession seemed like a sweet lady and Sabrina clearly liked her. Why else would a student invite her teacher to hang after a movie? After the takeover, Miss Wardwell/Madam Satan, of course, was doing her level best to cut Sabrina off from her friends and lure her over to the dark side. Even knowing her horrible motivations, there is something truly interesting about Sabrina’s “dark” mentorship at the hands of Miss Wardwell. Sabrina finds someone that she can turn to when she thinks that she can’t confide in her friends or family. It is Miss Wardwell that saved Sabrina and the rest of the Spellman family from that Dream Demon in Ep 5. She also helps Sabrina in getting her W.I.C.C.A. group started so that the young witch would feel better about leaving her friends to attend Witch Academy. Theirs is definitely not a friendship, but teacher-student on the darkest path of night. That said, I can’t wait until Hilda and Zelda figure out what Satan’s handmaiden has been up to.


2) Hilda & Zelda Spellman

Sisters are forever. Except when you smuggle your lover’s secret daughter into the room you share with your witchy sis. Okay, perhaps it was a good idea that Hilda chose that moment to move into her own bedroom. This season does much to test the sisters’ relationship. Hilda’s excommunication from the Church of Night. Zelda keeping that secret about Sabrina’s father signing over his daughter to the Dark One so that he’d be free to be with his mortal (That was a douche move, Daddy Dearest). Of course, they also have the added stress of raising a half mortal/half witch teenager who manages to get into all kinds of trouble like running away from her dark baptism and killing/resurrecting a fellow witch. The moments with heart between these two sisters are the best. When Hilda consoles her sister and tells her that they did not make a mistake in taking in their baby niece to raise. When Zelda is stuck in that heartbreaking dreamscape and she thinks she’s killed her sister one too many times and has lost her forever. So many feels!


3) Sabrina/Roz/Susie

The series’ pilot episode kicks off with the Sabrina and her best friends in the world. The same friends that initially leave her feeling especially torn as she grew closer and closer to her 16th birthday and dark baptism. She just can’t handle the idea that in becoming a full witch, she’ll have to cut Roz, Susie, and Harvey out of her life. Initially, she tries telling Harvey the truth, but that doesn’t work out and she uses her witchy-ways to take it back. She worked her magic with their principal so that she can create W.I.C.C.A, a group meant to empower and protect the female population of Greendale High. She especially has her friend Susie in mind. Two of my favorite moments from this season involves Sabrina and her two girlfriends. The first is when Roz reveals that she’s losing her vision and then later in the season when Sabrina admits that she does come from a family of witches. The way these girls are there for one another, even when they have their own personal madness happening, is everything.


4) Ambrose/Sabrina

Every girl needs a cuz who will call her on her crap and look at her like she’s lost her ever-loving mind…then help bury a body. Granted, he didn’t get there in time to help her with Agatha, but he totally would’ve helped if she had asked. Maybe. No matter what trouble, Sabrina manages to stir up, Ambrose shows time and again that he’s on her side. He’s the one that she confides in about being unsure about her dark baptism. Ambrose tells her a way to glimpse her future. Ambrose protects his cuz from a literal mob of angry witches when she pulls her version of a runaway dark bride. He helps her entertain Prudence when the Weird Sister draws the short straw during the Feast of Feasts. I can’t wait until next season when surely, Sabrina will return the favor and pull her cuz’s neck from the fire with whatever Father Blackwood was up to by the end of the first season.


5) Sabrina/Weird Sisters

Watching Sabrina explore her dark side this season has been so much fun. She walked the line as much as she could. Initially, with the introduction of the Weird Sisters, I thought we just getting the requisite Mean Girls. The sisters, Prudence especially, have proved to be so much more. We saw this in the second episode of the season when Sabrina enlists the Weird Sisters in helping her work some magic against Susie’s bullies. Sabrina and Prudence’s connection further deepens when Prudence is “chosen” as Queen for Feasts of Feasts. Sabrina manages to save her new frenemy from getting eaten. Later in the season, we see Prudence take Sabrina’s side against her own Weird Sisters. Granted, she may have been more upset that they were conjuring without her. It helps that Sabrina had a plan that wouldn’t kill Agatha for more than a few minutes. By season’s end, Sabrina has embraced her dark path and become a Weird Sister.


6) Harvey/Sabrina/Nick

Generally, I am no fan of love triangles, but there is something about Harvey/Sabrina and Sabrina/Nick that has me revisiting that idea Nick proposed. Harvey as Sabrina’s mortal boyfriend and Nick as her witchy suitor. The best of both worlds and she is dual-natured. Problem? Harvey probably wouldn’t go for it. Initially, I was very suspicious of Nicholas Scratch. His last name didn’t help that. If you Google “Old Scratch”, you’ll find that the moniker is another name for Satan/The Dark One himself. I kept waiting for that reveal to come, but it never does. Not only that, Nick helps Sabrina throughout the season and even protects Harvey when Greendale comes under attack. Nick is definitely more than a pretty face. Harvey is such a sweet, teddy bear and I’m sure that he’s Sabrina’s endgame/soulmate. It will be interesting to see what happens with Nick who has the devil’s own charm. Now that Sabrina has embraced her dark side, will she forget her hometown sweetie in favor of someone with more edge? We’ll have to wait until next year to find out.

Honorable Mention:

  • Hilda & Dr. Cee! They spent much of the season being cute and getting their flirt on. It was fun to watch Hilda go out into the world to do her own thing away from Zelda and the Church. Hilda and Dr. Cee kiss in the season finale. It was the sweetest. Then he walked away and his eyes glowed. What’s up with that, Doc?!?

And that’s just a few of our favorite relationships from Season One of CAOS. Drop a comment below or on Twitter or Facebook to let us know your favorites. Also, Be sure to check out our recent post written by Devon Forward, showcasing some of Sabrina’s best Season One Looks. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is currently streaming on Netflix. It’s a nice long three-day weekend for some of us. Get your binge on!


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