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‘All American’ recap: The best moments from 1×04, “Lose Yourself”

Are Asher and Spencer becoming our new favorite BroTP?

All American recap: Season 1, Episode 4, “Lose Yourself”, Aired Nov. 7, 2018.

Spencer loses himself in the allowances of Beverly Hills, Asher loses himself in a lie, and Olivia attempts to lose the heavy shackles of “Rehab Girl.” So, why not lose ourselves in the episode’s best moments?

Asher and Spencer are the friendship we didn’t know we needed (actually, I knew)

Spencer using all of his allowance to help Asher repair the Porsche was a very sweet moment. Are they becoming our new BroTP? I hope so, because this was the first time we have seen Asher be real and vulnerable with anyone. Also, who else is thrilled that they aren’t dragging out this “everyone hates the new guy” trope? *Raises hand vigorously*

Who’s the baby-daddy? But most importantly, did I almost commit incest?

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Jordan, you’re my hero. Thank you for stopping your sister from having sex with your brother in a jacuzzi. That would have made holidays difficult to say the least. However, in doing so, Jordan had to let Olivia know his suspicions. They do a little investigating and find out Coach has been sending Grace money for 17 years. So yes, Olivia. You almost committed incest.

Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems

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Spencer’s struggles with money this episode were also a highlight. I think we can all relate in some form or fashion with having money problems, and also just wanting to fit in. But Spencer gives his allowance back and gets a job at a diner. I commend your choice, Spencer… even though you might regret it soon. Hey, it was a lot of money.

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