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‘Supernatural’ recap: 14×05 “Nightmare Logic”

Everyone has Daddy issues!

Supernatural recap: Season 14, Episode 05, “Nightmare Logic,” Aired Nov. 8, 2018

So many Daddy issues on tonight’s Supernatural, and for once Sam and Dean aren’t at the center of it. Bobby and his son, Sasha and her dad, and Sammy. As the leader of the hunters he worries like a dad so we’ll throw him in there too. So. Much. Drama. Let’s break it all down!

Chief Sam. Dear sweet Sammy cakes is leading his squad of baby hunters and it’s clearly a full time job. Sam has the hunters doing check-ins and even has the team wearing body cams so they can study each other’s hunts (and for safety). When one of the hunters misses a check-in the Dean and Sam go after her. Maggie was nabbed by something and despite Dean’s efforts to keep Sam’s spirits up, things are looking grim.

Mix-up and rescue. Dean and Sam head out to investigate the old house that Maggie was at and realize they are not the only ones posing as members of the Historical Preservation Society, Bobby and Mary are there too! We love Mary and Bobby, but it would have been way more fun to have Cas and Jack there.


Maggie is found! Maggie is still alive, but she is hooked up to some blood bags and is not looking so hot. The rather large crew of “Historical Preservation” peeps start snooping around the grounds and they quickly realize that Maggie isn’t the only one in danger – someone is targeting hunters. And the someone looks an awful lot like the dying homeowner.

Bobby’s beef. Bobby is not happy with Sam’s leadership choices and he’s not quiet about it. Real Bobby would never talk to Sam like that, but as Mary reminds Dean – he’s not this world’s Bobby. He is Apocalypse Bobby and Apocalypse Bobby has some baggage – and a dead, eyes burnt out son? Yikes.


It’s a Djinn! It took Dean a while, but he finally figured it out! The nurse is a Djinn and was given an upgrade to his powers. He isn’t killing hunters any old way, he’s reading their minds and setting their personal fears loose on them. He is another one of Michael’s creations. This stings Dean a little harder than the usual monster confrontation.

Romancing the Winchesters. Now, we are well aware the romance does not work on this show, but it’s always a little sad when we see a woman that Sam or Dean connects with and we know that they can never have a future. Sasha and Dean were kindred spirits with hella Daddy issues. It would have been fun to see!


Mary and Bobby. After Bobby’s injury during the hunt, he lets his guard down and opens up to Mary to talk about his son and the tough time Bobby is having. They decide that the best thing to do is to get away and recuperate for a bit. The (most likely) love birds head up to Donna’s cabin to chill. It’s weird that they are ditching out now, just when things are getting really complicated, but hopefully this means we will get more Cas in the episodes to come.

Hunter traps. Now that Sam and Dean know what they are up against, they call all the hunters to warn them (Garth!). Michael did a number on things (including Dean) and the already spread thin Sam is going to add another giant thing to his already crowded plate. Sam and Dean are going to kill Michael. But where do they start?

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