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‘Riverdale’ Flashback Episode: Biggest takeaways from “The Midnight Club”

Can the show always be this?

Riverdale, Season 3, Episode 04, “Chapter Thirty-Nine: The Midnight Club,” Aired Nov. 7, 2018 

Finally, after weeks of anticipation, we got to meet The Midnight Club during the Riverdale flashback episode. After Betty dug up the dirt that the Midnight Club was hoping would stay long hidden, her mother finally gives in and tells her the tale of her high school days. It’s dark, twisty and everything that we want from Riverdale.

Here are the 12 biggest takeaways from the Riverdale flashback episode, “The Midnight Club”

#1 Penelope is way more screwed up than we thought. Cheryl Blossom’s mom is introduced as Penelope Blossom in the flashback, which was a little confusing – until she explained why. You see, Penelope didn’t just marry into the Blossom family, she was adopted from the Sisters of Quiet Mercy and groomed to be the bride of Clifford. Yeah, ew. It explains a lot actually.


#2 Strangers more than friends. We knew that the parents all went to school together, but they hinted at them being friends. What we learned is that it was G&G that brought them together in high school and it is what ultimately drove them apart.

#3 FP Jones didn’t want to be a serpent. FP, the ladies man (#Falice4eva), wanted to be the first Jones to go to college. It makes his story all the more emotional when you think of where he started and the rocky road he has been on ever since they found Featherhead dead.


#4 KJ Apa as Fred Jones is the greatest thing ever. All of the actors did an amazing job taking on the roles of the flashback parents, but KJ Apa IS Dylan McKay. (It’s all in the eyebrows.)

#5 Hiram has always been a douche. I always liked to think that a smart woman like Hermione was sort of tricked into a life a crime with Hiram, but it turns out – he was always a tool and she knew that. And he was always into drugs apparently.


#6 Gryphons and Gargolyes will suck you in, but is it more than a game? As we saw with the Midnight Club, the game of G&G is way more addictive than you’d think. The gang gets so deep into it, they start larping it and using it as a way to escape their real lives. It’s a pretty common concept, but this is a universe where magic does exist (looking at you, Sabrina!). Could this all be connected to the magical/evil things happening across the river?

#7 Sierra’s big clue. Now we don’t want to get ahead of ourselves here, but there was one connection between the “flip for your fate” messages and the people in the Midnight Club and it’s the writing on the wall (literally). Maybe it was a set up just to throw us all off, or maybe it’s a clue, but there is something we noticed about Sierra. At the start of the episode, she is seen drawing on the mirror with red lipstick. Then, when Alice sees the chalices in the bathroom, there is red writing on the mirrors and the walls. Could the former Mayor be connected to Featherhead’s murder and the Gargoyle King somehow?


#8 The drama between the parents is revealed. The entire Midnight Club turned back into to strangers and they all suspected each other of being the murderer. This really does explain why the parents all have so much tension and drama. It’s incredibly eye opening to see their past interactions.

#9 The Fredheads are the most ridiculous thing to ever happen to Riverdale, but hey – it’s Riverdale. They are also the closest we have ever seen the series get to The Archies so we’ll take it!


#10 Jughead is in deep. After hearing the cautionary tale of G&G, Betty goes to tell Jughead all about it, but she’s too late. Juggie is already super immersed in the Gargoyle King’s game. Looks like Nancy Drew is on her own this time.

#11 Time means nothing in Riverdale. There were a lot of 90’s references and the timing lines up for it to take place in the early(ish) 90’s, but because it was a nod to The Breakfast Club, the music was mostly 80’s. Riverdale gives zero f*cks about time and its time we just accept that.


#12 The cops suck in Riverdale. Seriously, have they ever solved a murder or is it always Betty Cooper?

That was such a cool episode of Riverdale and we hope that we get to see more of the Midnight Club down the road!

 What did you think of the episode? Hit the comments and tell us your thoughts!

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