‘Manifest’ 1×06: Top moments from “Off Radar”

Manifest recap: Season 1, Episode 6, “Off Radar,” aired Nov. 5, 2018.

Fresh off a short hiatus, Manifest was not afraid to jump back in with hitting audience members with all the feels. This episode gave us something with Cal’s connection to the other passengers, but once again, I am still confused with what is happening. The stakes are higher than ever, and nobody is safe yet. Especially not with shady as heck Vance running around.

Grace vs. Ben…and Sanvee

Do I smell a love triangle? I think so! It’s no surprise that Grace has picked up on the blooming friendship between Sanvee and Ben. Also, I am shipping Sanvee and Ben. For now, I’m totally cool with them being friends, but I am not a fan of Grace. Which I know you already know, but I just really want to cement that fact. Grace, despite Sanvee’s pleas to do what will be medically best for Cal, snaps at her and tells her she’s done with her. Poor, Sanvee, she’s just trying to save your son’s life. After Cal goes into shock, Grace actually takes Sanvee’s advice so Cal’s cancer doesn’t come back full force. I feel for Grace, I do, but she’s acting selfishly too. She’s quick to tell Ben he’s being selfish but in reality, it’s all her. However, she is going through a lot with her son fighting for his life. I can see why she’s reacting the way that she is, but I don’t like it. There are ways to express your emotions without attacking someone who is just trying to help. I’m obviously team Sanvee here.

Confessions to current/former loved ones

Finally! We have Michaela and Ben admitting to their former and current significant others what has been going on inside their heads. One reaction is better than the other. Spoiler alert: Jared handles the confession a heck a lot better than Grace. Considering Grace is actually Ben’s wife, she is not supportive or sympathetic when Ben tells her about his callings. She tells him he’s crazy. Uh, guys, I don’t know about you, but that is not the reaction you want from your loved ones when you’re going through a lot of emotionally crazy stuff. She needed to be supportive, especially when Ben said he needed to talk to someone to save Cal.

Jared’s reaction is definitely more understanding and supportive. He’s a little shook when he hears it, but who wouldn’t be? This is an impossible situation. However, he listens to Michaela and tries to understand what she’s going through. That is the reaction that Grace should have given to Ben. But NOOOO. Grace isn’t like that, and that is how I know her and Ben are not meant to be.

Michaela and Jared team up

Michaela and Jared team up to scope out a shady, out-of-the-city situation. Unfortunately, they do not get far because the place is surrounded by security people. To not seem suspicious and like they’re not the police, they pretend they’re just a couple on a road trip. Thankfully, they are out of the clear. Even though I don’t ship them romantically, I do ship them as friends. I would like to see more of them working together, especially now that Jared knows what’s going on with Michaela.

It’s all freaking connected, guys

Cal seems like the host for whatever the heck is going on. He feels the same pain now as one of the passengers. This is just surreal, and I really don’t understand how, what, when or why?! While Cal is fighting his fever, one of the passengers is being tormented in that private property Michaela and Jared were scoping out. It’s really interesting how Cal is feeling what the man was feeling. Even more interesting is he was shouting the phrase the man was saying on the plane. This show, it really just gets me.

Madeline’s Manifest musings

  • Grace needs to calm down
  • I liked Ben just forcing his way to see Vance. You go, Ben!
  • Ben and Sanvee. That is all.
  • Jared was slightly more likable in this episode than past episodes, so I really appreciated that.
  • Once again, Ben in glasses.
  • Vance is the shadiest character in any TV show, and I watched OUAT where almost every character was shady.
  • Josh Dallas’s hair reminds me of Charming’s hair in season 3 of OUAT, which was the pinnacle of his hair.
  • Sanvee deserves better than Grace treating her like trash.

Eagerly waiting for the next episode! We are getting some more insights into the effects on Cal from the flight. What did you think of this episode? Sound off below or tweet us!

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