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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ recap: 4×03 “Dancing Queen”

Legends of Tomorrow recap: Season 4, Episode 3, “Dancing Queen” Aired November 5, 2018.

Legends, we are back in London this week! We explore punk, anarchy, and rage! This episode was all about our little Raymond trying to find his edge. It’s been a while since we had a Ray-centric episode. Let’s see what craziness Ray gets into.

God Save the Queen

The Queen decides to attend a rock concert and get tanked. In my opinion, she should be allowed to… The result is the country doesn’t take the royal family seriously anymore. This begins the downfall of the monarchy. This of course, is the doing of a fugitive. The team must find out who the fugitive is and send them to hell.

Sounds like the same old, same old, right? Wrong! This episode takes a deep dive into the psyche of both Ray and John Constantine. Their stories run parallel for the entire rest of the episode.

The gang only has one lead, The Smell, they are a new band that becomes popular because of the Queen’s show. The team puts on their punk bests and Ray drives them to the concert.

The Rage


They chose Ray as the driver, because our boy can’t pull off punk. When the Legends try to retrieve the band a fight at the bar breaks out. The band runs when the police are called. They hop into the back of Ray’s van.

Our Raymond now has to create an alter-ego, so they don’t figure out that he is the world’s most boring man. They emphasize this. I do not believe it so! Ray tells them he is Rage and is all about Raging Against the Machine. Of course you are boo boo. 

They don’t believe him and demands he proves himself! The heist they come up with is quite entertaining.

Royal Corgis


Our little Atom must steal one of the Queen’s Royal corgis. This is not a drill! He must steal one of her pups. Rage gets ready for his mission.

  • Mick tells him to sit on the bench near the puppies.
  • Sara takes out the guards, unbeknownst to Ray.
  • Then Ray comes up to the dog walker and demands a pup.

The dog walker freely gives it to him. Little does Ray know, Sara was standing behind him threatening him. Ray is all pleased with himself and takes the puppy to the band.



They accept Rage into their group. It is there that we learn about Charlie.

  1. Charlie’s people did not approve of her and banished her.
  2. Charlie is a shapeshifter. She was the actual Queen who danced at their performance.
  3. She in all honesty hasn’t done much wrong.

John warns Ray that shape shifters are nasty and need to be stopped. Like John is a good judge of character? For some reason the team listens to John instead of Ray. They go to get her.

John’s Past


Why is John more broody than usual? We find out. John makes a visit to the local pub. It appears that he is flirting with the waitress. Zari walks up to him and rolls her eyes. She reviews what she believes to be his flirtatious lines. He looks at her and says,

“That’s my Mum.”

Zari’s face turns white. She is appalled at herself that she just insinuated this. Constantine then proceeds on telling her about his parents.

  • His Dad was a deadbeat that left.
  • He points him out.
  • Then he begins to fight with him.

His Mom asks him to leave.

“I never want to see your face again.”

“You never will.”

Sadness. She of course, didn’t know she was talking to her son. That was the last time he would ever see her, because she died in childbirth.

The New Amaya

Ray reveals to Charlie he isn’t what he seems. He shows her he is The Atom and warns her they are coming.

The Legends enter and Ray starts attacking them all. Bad Ray. Bad Ray. If you are like me your heart saddened. He betrayed his…

Oh, no wait, that is just Charlie in Ray form. Thank goodness. Eventually they trap Charlie when she continues to change into the team. John traps her in Amaya form. How did he do that? He used a spell to take away her shifting. Mean.

Now, they have an imprisoned Charlie, in an Amaya body. How will they solve this? They probably won’t. The important thing is Maisie Richardson- Sellers is back!


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