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‘Supergirl’ agent files: “Alex Danvers”

Supergirl recap: Season 4, Episode 4, “Ahimsa” Aired November 4, 2018.

What’s up, Superfans? Season 4 of Supergirl is in full swing. Melissa Benoist was clearly filming the crossover over the last two episodes. Since Kara doesn’t show up that much, we finally got some Alex Danvers time! I for one was stoked.

Let us take time to evaluate this season’s first ever, Agent File. Who better to start with than, the Director of the DEO, Alex Danvers. This week episode featured the trials and tribulations Alex has of both being a sister and a Director. Lets take a moment to see how far she has come.

Season One

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There are two characters that seem to be ever-changing on this show. Whether that is a good or bad thing is up to the viewers. Alex Danvers has been at the heart of the show, since the beginning. Her journey has been a emotional whirlwind.

She started off as Kara’s big sister, scientist, and DEO agent. Alex was a by the book agent, a typical overprotective big sister, and a enlightened scientist. We found out through season one that she had a huge heart and could kick anyone’s ass they crossed her path.

Then Season Two happened…

Season Two


Season Two should have been called, “Feelings.” In season two, if you weren’t already in love with Alex Danvers, you were by the end.

Alex meets and FBI agent named, Maggie Sawyer, in episode one. She like everyone else is a goner after that.

  • Through Maggie, Alex discovers her sexuality.
  • She comes out of the closet to her family and friends.
  • She goes for Maggie.

At first Maggie is hesitant, but eventually gives in and #Sanvers is born. Alex spends the rest of the season becoming stronger, more self-assured, and most importantly happy.

Season Three


I think we can all agree, things went awry in Season 3. #Sanvers fell into the legendary LGBT trap of getting written off. We got a third of a season of happy. It’s not all the writers fault. Our beloved Floriana Lima got cast in a different show. It doesn’t mean we miss her any less.

Alex spent most of the season in heartbreak mode. We’ve all been there. Then the writers seemed to half forgotten who they were writing for. Alex Danvers season 3B looked alien compared to our Alex.

  1. She and Maggie for some reason never talked about children, before they got engaged. Maggie didn’t want them. Alex did.
  2. All of the sudden Alex becomes obsessed with wanting a baby. Where did this come from? I don’t think any of us still know.
  3. She looks up adoption.

Luckily by the end of the season J’onn graces Alex with the career opportunity of a lifetime. Does she take it?

Director Danvers

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Director Danvers is in the building. New uniform, new hair, new attitude. Welcome back, Alex. We missed you since season two. That’s right, I said season two! The writers dropped the random child storyline and got back to business.

Alex must learn what it means to be in charge and balance that with her personal relationships. Throughout this season she has been internally struggling with this. Now, with Kara out and J’onn back, we get to see this manifest externally.

“Everything is my fault.”

J’onn whips out his fatherly advice and reminds Alex that nothing is her fault. It takes time to learn how to be in charge and what to do with that power. He has nothing but faith in her.

Alex also finally explains to Kara her struggle. They round off the episode with pie and some much needed sisterly bonding. I look forward to seeing Alex’s future struggles and victories. One thing is for sure. Our Alex Danvers is back!

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