‘Shadowhunters’ 3B: Malec sneak peek – IN BED

Our first look at 'Shadowhunters' 3B!

It has been a long, cold and downright devastating hiatus, but we are finally getting a sneak peek of Shadowhunters 3B, thanks to Malec! And not just any old Malec , it’s shirtless Alec and doting Magnus – Malec IN BED!

This, in addition to the return date announcement makes this week the most informative in months for fans who have been waiting info on the show’s return. In case you missed it, Freeform also announced the Shadowhunters 3B premiere date – Feb. 25th! The gang will be back a little sooner than we thought!

In the clip, this amazing duo is serving up swoons with a quick bedside exchange. Also, we couldn’t help but notice a little pout on Alec’s face during some of this conversation. Are our favorite duo having an issue or is Alec just really not a morning person when Shadowhunters 3B comes back in February? Or maybe it’s just Alec being Alec.

This clip release is more than just a treat for fans, it’s an effort to the attention of young voters! At the end of the Malec clip, the black screen reads, “Now that we’ve got your attention” and then “March to the Polls.” It also lists the website,! Freefrom is using one it’s most popular couples to encourage the show’s audience to vote on November 6th. Now THAT is a Freeform decision we can really get behind!

Take a look at the sneak peek of Malec in Shadowhunters 3B:

(Sigh.) Now feel free to watch this on repeat until Feb 25th! We won’t judge.

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Shadowhunters 3B will premiere on Freeform February 25th! 


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