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‘Black Lightning’ 2×04: Top 4 moments from “Translucent Freak”

Nothing beats a Black Lightning and Thunder team-up

Black Lightning 2×04 recap: Season 2, Episode 4, “The Book of Consequences: Chapter Four: Translucent Freak”, Aired Oct. 30, 2018

It’s my fav time of the week—when Black Lightning returns to our screens!

So, what exactly went down?

  • Thunder and Black Lightning (and Gambi) team up to save Freeland’s health clinic after it is targeted by criminals.
  • Jefferson takes a stand against the new principal after he takes matters too far when dealing with a fight between students.
  • Black Lightning/Jefferson let’s the police try to bring Tobias down, but after that doesn’t work out, he is outraged. With Tobias out free in the world, it will be interesting to see if Jefferson will resort to other methods to take him out (like killing him).
  • Gambi tries hard to save Kara, but her injuries are so severe there is nothing much left he can do. He shows Kara that despite her doing bad things, she can still try to do good before she dies. Kara finally gives in and hands Gambi her phone which will hold lots of information against Tobias.

Let’s breakdown the top 4 moments in more detail:

#1 Thunder and Black Lightning saving the clinic

Thunder and Black Lightning team up to save the day again! As expected, the people who Anissa targeted for the money come back for revenge. The criminals are not surprisingly linked to Tobias, and the main man of the group asks for permission to kill Thunder after she stole from them. Tobias gives them the go-ahead, which leaves Anissa in grave danger. It also doesn’t take a genius to work out where a large sum of money went after it’s stolen and the clinic’s funds had just been raised. This not only leaves Thunder a target, but also the clinic.

Black Lightning, Thunder, and Gambi know that something bad is coming, so they stand watch in order to protect Freeland’s health clinic. Something suspicious becomes apparent after a woman walks in pregnant… but leaves not pregnant. Um, this surely isn’t right? Black Lightning and Thunder run off and search the clinic for anything suspicious while evacuating the building. Thankfully, the pair were on the lookout as two bombs were planted inside. Here’s to Black Lightning and Thunder saving the day again – yay! I can’t wait to see the whole family working together to save Freeland once Jennifer has control of her powers.

Interestingly, when Gambi went after the woman who planted the bombs, she was clearly a trained fighter. Who on earth is she? Let’s hope no more attacks happen again! However, I feel like the criminals will still be out for blood, so Anissa needs to watch her back!

#2 Jefferson standing up for the kids against their new principal

A fight breaks out between two students at Garfield high, which leads to Jefferson having to interfere. Luckily, he manages to calm the situation down before any of them got seriously hurt. Jefferson uses non-violent approaches when students fight (as it should be), to show that anger and violence isn’t the way to solve problems. He makes them shake hands with each other, look into each other’s eyes, and talk it out. This literally solves the whole situation, but then the new principal appears – uh-oh!

The new principal’s rules are “zero tolerance to violence”, which is great, but the principal takes it too far by having one expelled and one suspended. He demands they both to be removed from the school, and that will be that. Jefferson stands up for the boys and calls out the principal for being overly strict when the situation was handled. There was no changing the principal’s mind unfortunately.

Jefferson makes a great point that if you push these boys out in the street, this will cause them more damage, potentially leading them into a life of violence. They should be showing the boys love and how to redeem yourself, not just giving up on students.

Do you think Jefferson can save the students?

#3 Jefferson restraining himself from killing Tobias (for now) after he’s released from prison

Despite Henderson still holding a grudge against Jefferson, the two continued to work alongside each other to try take down Tobias for good. However, their great efforts weren’t enough to hold Tobias since evidence mysteriously went missing. With no evidence to prove that Tobias was behind Jefferson’s father’s murder or the other crimes, it was only a matter of time before he was released. This drove Jefferson crazy, which led him to reveal to Henderson that he was actually there when his father died and witnessed the whole crime, so they should let him testify against him. Henderson was pissed that he lied yet again, but thought maybe this was their only hope.

However, their plan was shot down by another detective who reminds them it’s all hearsay unless they can prove that Jefferson was actually there when Tobias killed his father. More bad luck comes when Gambi removes all traces of Jefferson from the crime scene in order to protect him. Well, DAMN! Looks like they have nothing.

Due to the police department having nothing to hold Tobias on, they had no choice but to release him. This fell right into Tobias’ plan where he could make it out that he was innocent and wrongly accused of the crimes, making him into a ‘golden figure’ which he is certainly not. Tobias even publicly declared he was sorry to Jefferson and his family, and hoped that the real killer was caught so they could get justice. Um, this ain’t going to go down well.

With Tobias back out on the loose, will this mean that Black Lightning will go to other lengths to stop him?

#4 Kara helping Gambi with info before she dies

It was unclear if Kara actually survived being attacked by Tobias, but this week we see she is still alive. Well, as it turns out, Kara is barely hanging on and will soon die now that sepsis has set in. Before she dies, Gambi tries to persuade her to tell her everything she has on Tobias, but she refuses to say anything. After some fight, with her last dying breath, she agrees with Gambi to do the right thing and hands him her phone. Hopefully, Kara’s phone will have evidence that they can use against Tobias.

Other important scenes to discuss:

  • I LOVED the opening scene where we see Jennifer and Khalil fighting each other, after he comes into her home unannounced and attacks her mom, dad, sister, and date. I was like, “Yass, Jennifer. Beat his ass!” But of course, we soon saw that it wasn’t real and just one of her therapists tactics to see how she handles controlling her powers. Later, we see Jennifer replying back to his (real) text and they meet up. Girl, what are you thinking? Do you think these two will work it out? Can Khalil turn back to the good side?
  • Lynn loses a patient, but I got a suspicious feeling Dr. Jace (the mentally unstable criminal doctor she is forced to work with) did something to speed up his death. Dr. Jace kept going on about how “death will come to us all, it’s just a matter of when,” and it creeped me out. I think she wants them all dead because they can study them more easily that way. Dr. Jace found Lynn’s tests of her meta-human family, and I feel it’s only a matter of time before she somehow finds out it’s her family.
  • After Jefferson finds out that Anissa has secretly been taking down bad guys and stealing money, he has a much-needed chat (or argument) with her. As nice as it is that Anissa is doing it for a good reason, Jefferson is still angry that she’s stealing. He also makes a good point that if something went wrong, she could have seriously gotten hurt… or worse, died. The people are dangerous that Anissa was targeting, so Jefferson is mad that she would risk her life. The two end up having a heated argument, which ends in Anissa moving out. Maybe it is time that she lives more independently. Do you agree? Or will Anissa be back?

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Black Lightning airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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