‘TITANS’ recap: 1×04 “Doom Patrol”

A new show is introduced and a new family begins.

Titans season 1 episode 4, “Doom Patrol”, started streaming on 2 November 2018.

You heard that right! Titans is barely approaching its one-month birthday, but DC Universe is already raising anticipation for another upcoming series. This week served as a backdoor introduction to the episode’s titular Doom Patrol, spinning off early next year.

The Doom Patrol

dc universe titans doom patrol best boy garfield logan
image: DC Universe

The Doom Patrol comprises of people who, facing severe medical conditions, had been written off as “doomed”. They were saved by their “Chief”, medical extraordinaire Dr Niles Caulder.

Of course there’s Garfield Logan – Beast Boy, who opens the episode. 2 years ago, he was dying in an evacuated base in Congo. He did not have green hair yet, but had a disease that was turning his skin scaly and green. Caulder cured him with the side effect of Gar now being able to shapeshift. It appears he can only do his tiger form on Titans right now.

dc universe best boy garfield logan
image: laracnalady.tumblr.com

Robotman aka Cliff Steele was a former racecar driver whose body was mangled in a fatal accident. Caulder transplanted his brain into the body of a robot.

Negative Man, or Larry Trainor, served as a pilot in WWI. After a crash, he was exposed to negative energy, which he can now project.

Rita Farr was a soap star back in the era of black and white TV. After exposure to noxious gas, she was institutionalised before being rescued by the Caulder. The exposure causes her ability her to deform, hence the name Elastigirl.

The ages of the characters plus Gar’s love for vintage things means an hour chock full of old music! They even ditched the edgy theme music for a Hepburn era-esque tune in the end credits. Plus, Negative Man dancing to punk rock while cooking is my new #1 music moment of the show.

Meet the family

In the woods, Rachel runs into a green tiger that turns out to be Gar! Man, that guy puts on clothes fast. He apparently has spare clothes and backpacks lying all over the woods. He offers to bring Rachel to his home.

“Don’t worry, I don’t bite.” – Garfield Logan

Along the way, the duo encounter some illegal hunters who have shot a deer. Rachel unknowingly heals the deer as she consoles it in its dying moments.

Gar lives in the X-mansion large Caulder house hidden in the woods. The Doom Patrol reside here as for most of them, their conditions disallow them from being part of society. Gar is fortunate not to face this issue, but has to similarly stay hidden so as to not jeopardise the other’s safety. The arrangement obviously doesn’t suit his listless energy, thus why he lives in the basement with its own entrance. Also, his room is basically an arcade.

Rachel and Gar have a quick moment connecting over their late parents. That’s quickly becoming a thing for the soon-to-be Titans. Also, Gar thought Dick and Kory were Rachel’s parents. Haha. As much as Dick denies it, he sure acts like Rachel’s dad.

Rachel meets Cliff, Larry and Rita. The latter two quickly take to the empath, but Cliff has to be won over by robot dance moves.

“How d’you like your steak? Unless you’re a vegan, which would break my heart.”
– Negative Man

dc universe titans doom patrol negative man rachel roth garfield logan
image: DC Universe

By the way, dinners with the Doom Patrol are an absolute FEAST.

The search for Rachel

Even when they are separated, the Dick/Rachel parallels keep coming.

Dick gets anxious when he learns Rachel is missing. He and Kory argue about their parenting methods. He learns she was spotted in the woods, and goes looking for the hunter who reported her.

Dick goes ballistic when the hunter refuses to answer his questions about Rachel. Kory has to stop him from going too far, but not before the man’s young son sees his father being beaten up. The child’s presence seems to make Dick come to his senses. Before they leave, the man mentions the supposedly disused Caulder house.

Kory compares Dick’s mental state to Rachel’s explosive powers. Dick confesses he sees his younger self in Rachel and doesn’t want her to “make the same mistakes” as he did. Namely, trusting the wrong people to fix their problems.


Dr Caulder returns with a new patient, a girl who had been doused in liquid nitrogen. The operation is going awry when Rachel’s instincts guide her to take the girl’s hand. She is able to relieve the girl’s pain and stabilize her condition. This intrigues the Chief.

Caulder convinces Rachel to let him examine her. Rachel agrees, thinking he could find a ‘cure’ to her dark abilities. However, his intentions eventually appear to be more suspicious. Gar almost shifts confronting him, but Caulder shoots him with a tranquiliser dart. Triggered, Rachel unleashes dark tendrils of energy. She throws Caulder across the small operation room, breaking his back.

Right then, Dick and Kory arrive at the mansion. Dick rushes in when he hears Rachel scream, while Kory holds off the other Doom Patrol members. He finds Rachel standing in the middle of a whirlwind of dark energy with what appears to be a portal opening before her(?!)

Dick pushes through the whirlwind to get to Rachel. Rachel warns him to leave so he won’t get hurt. Interestingly, she regains her normal voice when talking to him.

dc Universe dick grayson rachel roth raven
image: kisassi.tumblr.com

Dick apologises for breaking Rachel’s trust. He promises to support her from now on and not leave again. He successfully calms her down. The two embrace, signifying the regained trust.

As Dick, Rachel, and Kory leave, the Doom Patrol tell Garfield to go with them so he can have a life outside the mansion. Morning comes, and the now wheelchair-bound Professor Xavier Caulder stares out the window of his X-mansion mansion.

So, we finally got a good taste of Garfield, and the Titans are all together now!

Did “The Doom Patrol” get you excited for the upcoming series? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or the comments below!

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