‘Shadowhunters’ 3B Premiere Date Announced

But we aren't ready to say goodbye!

It’s the first Shadowhunters 3B news fans have gotten in months and it’s a very bittersweet. On their various social media platforms the cast of our beloved Shadowhunters posts this:

After months of silence, unfortunate auctions, fundraising, and tireless campaigning a part of all of us had hoped that this announcement would be about the show being saved. The cast began hyping the announcement on Friday, November 2nd and it got the fans all fired up. Some tweeted their hopes for a Season 4 announcement! But most predicted that it would be the final episode air date or even a trailer.

While we will never stop hoping for more Shadowhunters, we are excited to see these LONG overdue episodes finally hit our screens! Filming wrapped over the summer and fans have been waiting for any crumb of news on the airing of Shadowhunters 3B. Will this news be the closure that fans needed? No – not likely. If this fandom has shown the world anything, it’s that they will not stop until they save their show, but it’s still a relief to finally have a 3B air date!

shadowhunters season 3b
SHADOWHUNTERS – (Freeform/John Medland)

The cast and Executive Producer, Todd Slavkin have been teasing what they can, but we are ready to see everything in action. At the end of Shadowhunters 3A, many of the characters’ fates were left up in the air and fans are eager for answers – especially concerning Clary and Magnus.

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When asked about Magnus in the final episodes, Slavkin told TV Line, “Season 3B is such a rollercoaster ride for Magnus Bane. We loved his arc in 3A, but for Harry Shum, Jr. as an actor, it’s a hell of a journey. It’s beautiful and profound and it’ll break your heart. You’re in for a ride that’s really intense to watch.”

Yowza. We can’t wait!

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Shadowhunters 3B will premiere on Freeform February 25th! 


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