‘The Resident’ 2×06: Top 3 moments from “Nightmares”

The Resident recap: Season 2, Episode 6, “Nightmares”, Aired Oct 29, 2018.

It’s Halloween week and The Resident 2×06 was in full spooky swing. Obviously the writers are major fans of fear because we had a monster who looked like The Orphanage‘s creature all grown up. I haven’t thought of that movie in ages. I’ve been sleeping so well. Now, I feel like there’s a kid with a potato sack head behind me every time I’m alone in a room. Thanks, guys. The Resident 2×06 is definitely giving people nightmares — hah, puns. However, what about the rest of the episode? It was pretty darn good. Let’s talk about the top 3 moments from “Nightmares.”

Mina is suh-laying the game

The Resident 2x06 Mina Okafor's costume
The Resident | FOX

Holy forking shirt balls (any The Good Place fans out there?). Mina Okafor can throw a freaking party. We had hints that Mina was serious about Halloween. Feldman had three outfits prepared for entry and Nic was killing it as Cleopatra. But, sorry Nic, the moment Mina opened her door, everyone realized this was not a party for the weak. Mina’s outfit had so much detail and looked absolutely stunning. She’s the eternal badass we all want to be. Insanely intelligent? Check. Rockin’ hot bod? Check. Sass-master 2000? Double check. Mina had all the best people at her party. It’s basically a rite of passage for anyone claiming to love Halloween. Can I be invited next year?

Chastain needs better defense

The Resident 2x06 Laurie
The Resident | FOX

Chastain’s patient, 1. Chastain’s window, 0. Seriously, shouldn’t Chastain have hurricane proof windows by now? It’d save on a lot of repairs. I bet Atlanta General has them. Just kidding! But, I have never seen a window shatter into so many tiny pieces, except for a large shard which opted to stick itself into Laurie’s inner thigh. It’s like the glass was a pirate and her artery had a big ole ‘X’ on it. Poor girl probably thought one of the creatures in her daytime nightmare slashed her. Ugh, I would not want to be her. Laurie imagined herself being haunted and managed to ram into her nurse, push Bell, and flash past the next employee. Why wasn’t there a linebacker at the ready? Where is security?

Laurie, luckily, survived because she had a very rare biological issue where a mini person was growing inside of a tumor in her abdomen. Okay, it wasn’t a mini person, but it had hair and a tooth. When the tech first opened it, I 100% thought she was a cannibal and her body was basically doing the world a favor and shutting down. In my defense, it’s a Halloween episode. But, no, she’s a normal decent person who just needed a little surgery and some antibiotics. TBH, her leg wound might take longer to heal than the hallucinations. Yay for Conrad and his knowledge of obscure diagnoses.

Killer dad on the loose

The Resident 2x06 Marshall Winthrop
The Resident | FOX

Top moment #3 was Marshall Winthrop starring in Conrad’s nightmare as “The Man Who Killed My Mom–I Think.” It was some of Marshall’s best work. I highly doubt he was a theater kid so, it’s probably his only piece of work and it only had an audience of 1. On a serious note, what was that? Does Conrad blame Marshall for his mom’s death? I thought his parents got divorced and then she died? Was he lying to keep Nic from knowing the truth? Is this the Bad Marshall he’s been so wary of? The one who Conrad has been checking corners for?

There’s no way Marshall killed Conrad’s mom. Conrad would never be on speaking terms with him. Not even if a decade passed and Marshall held his career. Conrad would re-enlist first before coming into close contact with his mother’s killer. Let alone go on a weekend getaway. It seems whatever happened to Conrad’s mom, Conrad blames on Marshall. I can’t wait to see that story unravel.

The Resident 2×06 was a great Halloween episode. The detached and peace-signing arm was amazing. Dr. Austin casually dropped beats in the OR to restart a heart. Plus, Dr. Voss is a grandma! It’s actually really cool. She’s a top surgeon with a whole life outside of work. Let’s hope that’s Conrad and Nic’s future, minus the divorce, of course.

Special Emily VanCamp easter egg

Marvel | Deadline

Anyone else catch that Marvel suggestion? Sure Nic, maybe you want Conrad to dress up as a certain solider. A certain Avenger. One, *whispers*, Captain America?

For non-Marvel fans, Emily VanCamp made out with Cap in Captain America: Civil War.

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