‘The Good Place’ recap: 3×06 “A Fractured Inheritance”

The Good Place recap: Season 3, Episode 6, “A Fractured Inheritance,” Aired Nov. 1, 2018
Hey, benches! We split up once again this week so the Soul Squad can save their respective relatives. Eleanor and Michael aim to save Donna Shellstrop while Tahani, Jason, Chidi, and Janet work to save Kamilah. In both cases, things are not exactly as expected. Let’s dive into Eleanor’s and Tahani’s painful upbringings, shall we?

Donna – err… Diana?

The Good Place A Fractured Inheritance 3x06 Eleanor and Donna Shellstrop Diana Tremaine confrontation

Turns out Eleanor’s mom faked her death to avoid paying $30,000 for a date with Gene Simmons she won at an auction. That in itself is hilarious.

Eleanor and Michael find out that Donna has been living under the alias Diana Tremaine (the same fake identity as Eleanor) and settled down with a boyfriend, Dave, and his child, Patricia. Witnessing her mother’s newfound domesticity, Eleanor is convinced that it is a scam. She sets out to prove it, watching in disbelief as her mother wins the election for PTA secretary at Patricia’s school.

“Ya basic, and that’s okay”

The Good Place A Fractured Inheritance 3x06 Eleanor Shellstrop and Donna Shellstrop Diana Tremaine

Eleanor realizes she’s so determined to prove the scam because she’s jealous. Donna is such a great mother to Patricia, so Eleanor feels horrible that her mother couldn’t be like that for her.

Well, Eleanor was right. Her mom is a con artist. She’s been taking money from her boyfriend. However, Eleanor helps Donna realize she likes the domesticity she’s become accustomed to. The two make up, and Donna sets out to be a better mother to Patricia than she was to Eleanor.

The Good Place A Fractured Inheritance Eleanor Shellstrop Donna Shellstrop happy ending


Kamilah is kind of a jerk. Like, seriously. I’m not sure if it would be more satisfying if she was truly perfect, but this is not what I expected. Anyway…

To help put Kamilah on the right path, Tahani apologizes to her sister for their shared hostility, but Kamilah refuses to forgive Tahani. It’s not until Kamilah goads Tahani into acting out that Tahani realizes their parents were the problem, pitting the sisters against each other. It is their fault the girls have their rivalry. And with that revelation, the sisters make up.

The Good Place A Fractured Inheritance 3x06 Tahani Al Jamil Kamilah Al Jamil


Looks like this week can be classified mission accomplished. Eleanor witnessed a double happy ending for her mother and Patricia, and Tahani helped put Kamilah on the right path. Only one hitch: Michael dropped the “you told Chidi you loved him” bomb on Eleanor. Oh, boy. Can’t wait to see the fallout from that next week!


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