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‘Supernatural’ recap: 14×04 “Mint Condition”

Fanboy Dean is back!

Supernatural recap: Season 14, Episode 04, “Mint Condition,” Aired Nov. 11, 2018

It’s Halloween on Supernatural and they know exactly how to handle it – ghosts and a slasher movie marathon! In classic Supernatural form, Dean and Sam use a case to distract themselves from what’s really going on (and because that is always the pattern of the obligatory filler episodes). The boys head out to investigate the claims of a killer toy and Dean is a little more excited than he should be. Here’s what went down!

Dean’s struggling. Michael’s shock waves are still hitting Dean pretty hard, even if he won’t admit it. He has been staying in his room watching slasher movies, eating pizza and avoiding life. It’s also pretty clear that Dean is not a big fan of the random hunters staying in the bunker.


Toys killing? The episode’s victim, Stuart, keeps getting attacked by random objects. First a Thunder Cats toy, then a chain saw. Dean’s EMF went crazy at the comic shop and it turns out, it’s a ghost! It’s the ghost of the comic shop owner. He wants to kill the thieving Stuart and it possessing a key chain!

Gettin’ nerdy. We have entered the geek world and it’s awesome! Also, did you see the Red Hood costume in the comic shop? If you haven’t seen Jensen Ackles (voice of the Red Hood) in his cosplay, check that out right here! Also, Dean’s glasses and checkered suit is BOSS. We are loving all of the references, right down to the possessed Batman key chain.


Fandom friend. While Dean is standing guard of Stuart, one of the other comic store guys shows at the hospital. Dean and the guy quickly bond over their shared love of the fake film franchise, All Saints Day, but things get really unfun when the ghost possesses the villain from the movies!

Sam and the comic shop woman. As Dean quickly points out, Sam and the comic shop woman have a lot in common. They are both nerdy and have glorious hair. She is also super cute, charming and a fine match for our Sammy. Sadly, nothing happens between them, but she survived so maybe in the future?


Bro talk. After they save the day, Sam and Dean have their usual brotherly moment in the car. Dean tells Sam that he is still feeling the sting of what he did as Michael and that’s the real reason he’s been hiding in his room. Things are looking better for him after that case and he even thanks Sam for getting him out of the bunker and out of his funk. And we also learned why Sam hates Halloween. Turns out he threw up all over a girl he liked one year at her Halloween party. Aw, buddy.

Halloween next year. Dean also mandates that they will be dressing up for Halloween next year and throws out a slew of insane duo costumes. We vote Batman and Robin!


Additional fun fact: Godzilla is NOT real (according to Dean). Do with that what you will.

This is our favorite Dean look yet!


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Supernatural airs Thursdays, at 8/7PM CST on The CW.


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