‘Arrow’ recap: 7×03 “Crossing Lines”

Arrow Season 7, Episode 3, “Crossing Lines” Aired October 29, 2018

Even with an abundance of characters, we focused on three right now. Oliver continues to sort out the inner workings of Slabside, Felicity works with Samanda Watson in her efforts to catch Diaz, and John Diggle reprimands his son for eating a whole box of cookies, and may go on an ARGUS mission or two. (So, we’re pretending like everyone doesn’t do this, Digg?) You have eaten an entire box of cookies in your day. Admit it. I’ll get him to confess eventually.

Oliver Queen joins Fight Club and talks about Fight Club

The CW

You wonder what Oliver thinks about every bad guy he has sent away. Does he even think about them? Or are they an afterthought when the day of catching Star City’s most “horrible,” “evil,” “vicious,” and “merciless,” is over? What does he think? Is everyone just a long list of unflattering adjectives or is there a ranking system in his head? Who was the worst person today? Who was the worst person I’ve seen in the last eleven years?

People like Slade Wilson and Malcolm Merlyn are complicated. Jumbled and undefinable, an equation that doesn’t solve X. His savior also murdered his mother, and stood over him with the sword still glistening in her blood. The father of his sister and best friend also pushed a button that brought the whole city to it’s knees, killing 503 people.

When Bronze Tiger says something to the effect of, “you don’t know anything about me,” it’s true. Well, Oliver does know some, it just happens to be all bad. However, the wrongfully accused and the righteous cannot expect to thrive in prison from the highest of horses. It will get chilly all the way up there, and no one will bring you a blanket. By the way, his family doesn’t call him Bronze Tiger. They stick with Ben.

Oliver is methodical in his search for The Demon. Who has to have some connection to The League of Assassins. The Demon was Ras Al Ghul, remember season 3? Brick however had no intention to introduce him to The Demon, and only wanted to introduce Fight Club. We all rolled our eyes hard at the testosterone fueled measuring contest. Luckily, Oliver was Oliver and swiftly destroyed Sampson and leapt to another floor to get in Brick’s face.

Where’s The Demon? He’s in Level Two, where they send the worst of the worst. Brick is almost gleeful in his thinking that Oliver will never find him. It is when he starts stabbing guards (in the shoulder) and generally kicking ass the way Oliver does that makes Brick think twice. Oliver Queen is not messing around, he’ll do anything to get Diaz so his family is safe. He’ll even willingly be sent to Level Two.

Felicity models an FBI jacket for the day

The CW

I admit, this is one fashion choice I thought I would never see on our little rebel with a cause. Her team up with Watson also included Rene and Dinah. Rene, surprisingly, wasn’t awful. His reintroduction this season is working out for him so far. I still need one thing from all of NTA (including Diggle): an apology to Felicity. They forget that in all of their foot stomping and finger pointing at our sweet bean Oliver Queen, they left Felicity too. Oliver also needs to apologize to Felicity, but that’s whole other discussion.

Watson drags her feet at first, but is quickly all-in on Felicity’s plan to catch Diaz at the CDC. Of course, all goes awry when The Longbow Hunters show up. Who were pretty underwhelming this episode. Silencer was still cool, (and still my favorite) but everything else was just a shrug. Including Diaz, of whom I’m always shrugging at.

The plan is a bust, and Watson gets transferred. We got to see another side to Watson throughout the episode, her need for justice  was also accompanied by an empathy that we haven’t seen of her before. She feels for Felicity, and that’s why she decides to go “off book” and help her.

However, Felicity has her own motives in mind when she lies to Watson about Silencer getting away. Unless you define “getting away” as kidnapped and chained in a basement.

PSA: Lyla Michaels is the best we love her… and Diggle

Diggle and Lyla give us all the Dyla feels when they go on a mission together. They are like the Mr. and Mrs. Smith of the Arrowverse and I love them for it. It looks like Lyla discovered something hinky that she decides to not yet share with her husband. I hope said hinkyness will have something to do with Diaz and The Longbow Hunters. So, yes, I can see Lyla some more. Therefore, they have another disagreement about trust and morals. When is Diggle going to stop starting the same fight over and over? I’m team Lyla, always.

Curtis was also there. Curtis is always just there. 

Side note: Stan’s a criminal mastermind, right?

***I would check in with the future, but there were no flash-forwards and it actually was kind of nice to not have to deal with that stress.

What was your favorite part of this Arrow episode? Hit the comments and let us know!

Arrow is on Mondays at 8 PM on The CW.


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