‘The Good Doctor’ recap 2×05: “Carrots”

The Good Doctor recap: Season 2, Episode 5, “Carrots,” aired Oct. 29, 2018.

It’s back from a short hiatus. Thankfully, this one didn’t make me combust into tears, but that doesn’t mean it was any less emotional than usual. In fact, this episode had a lot of major issues, in which the show always manages to illustrate in a respectable and real way. At least I think it’s real — I’m not a doctor so I could be wrong. Let’s dig in.

I don’t like…

Lea. She’s too push-and-pull, and I think she takes advantage of Shaun a bit too much. I didn’t want to say it, but this episode really pushed me over the edge with her. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think she’s a good friend to Shaun. Also, can I just state: Girls and guys can be friends without it leading to anything romantic! Lea should know this. Women are allowed to have friends who are male without it meaning anything beyond friendship. Okay, off my soapbox now.

Shaun wants to live with Lea because he thinks living with a friend might be good for him. She, however, doesn’t think it’s a good idea because then he’ll run into her naked or hear her weird sex noises, and that’ll be the downfall of their friendship. I don’t think running into your roommate naked is that common of a thing… She states that nothing will and can never happen romantically between them because she wants to keep him as a friend. Okay, that’s fair, but also, it doesn’t mean Shaun wants to be involved with you in that way. He’s just looking for a friend. Lea demands that he break the deposit for the apartment. As the episode progresses, she has a change of heart. When she tells him to leave the keys with her to take back to the apartment manager, she doesn’t exactly do that. Instead, she ends up telling Shaun that they should be roommates. I mean, girl, you’re already roommates, sleeping on his floor for free.

Claire vs. Melendez

Claire and Melendez are probably my favorite characters this season. Although, they don’t really mesh well together as we’ve seen in the past and the present. They are teamed up to help a patient who is suffering from anorexia. The woman wants to get better for her son and her husband, but she is having a hard time allowing her body to eat. Claire suggests that they do a surgery to help her, but it might lead to a change in the patient’s personality. Melendez isn’t all too keen on the surgery. Claire, however, already talked to the patient, and the patient thinks it’ll be the best choice for her, seeing as she may be dying if she doesn’t do something.

When Melendez tells her no, Claire does some research and presents it to Andrews and Aoki. I love how persistent and caring Claire is with every patient. Not to mention, she’s hella smart. Round of applause for the portrayal of a fierce female through Claire. *Insert clapping emoji here* The patient gives her testimony for the surgery, and the board votes 2-1 in favor of the surgery. The patient undergoes the surgery and wakes up asking for some food. When her family walks out, she admits that the hug between her and her husband felt different. Uh oh, could this be the personality change that Melendez warned of?

Claire goes to Melendez after the surgery, happy that it worked out well. Melendez isn’t too thrilled with Claire, and he tells her she will not be working alongside him anymore. What the heck, Melendez? He makes me like him and then he goes and does this. Dude, I had faith in your character development. Claire is floored after he admits Andrews was the one who voted against it, but he will not have his residents going over his head. I’m annoyed with him at the moment, and I am totally on Team Claire with this one.

To be (shallow) or not to be

Park, Lim and Shaun are tasked to a man who previously had gastric bypass surgery due to his heaviness in the past. The patient pleads for them to tell his husband that he’s undergoing surgery for chromes disease and not reversing his past surgery. This causes the team to think of the ethical concerns with deceiving a loved one when it could help to tell them. After Lim tells Park he shouldn’t be the code of marriage ethics because he’s divorced, he throws her divorce back at her. At one point, Shaun tells them marriage sounds confusing and that no wonder they failed at. LOL.

After complications, Park tells the husband to talk to his husband about the surgery he is actually undergoing. This causes some tension between the two — it comes out that the patient’s husband is, in fact, super shallow. Shallow to the point of he mocks his friends for being overweight. This guy is a jerk. Shaun is all too happy to tell his hubby that he knew he was shallow before he met him. Oh, Shaun. To make him even worse, because let’s be real, he’s the worst, he tells Park he wishes he hadn’t seen the photos of his husband overweight if there’s a chance he might gain that weight back. I say dump that guy. There is nothing more unappealing than someone who is that shallow, especially someone who you trust and love.

Other thoughts

  • Shaun saying Leah and him had friends with benefits. The benefits being them living together was the best thing ever.
  • The Debby and Glassman relationship makes me happy.
  • Melendez needs to get back on my good side asap.
  • More Claire and her awesomeness, please and thank you.
  • Is anyone else warming up to Morgan and her bluntness? Just me? Okay.
  • Lea is a moocher, and that’s the tea.

The angst and drama can’t stop, won’t stop. Every week, there’s something new, and I feel like I learn so much when I watch as well. It almost makes me want to go back to college and be a doctor, but that’s way too much science. I was never keen on science…What did you think of this episode? Sound off below or tweet us!

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