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5 Spookiest parts of the ‘Harry Potter’ movies

All Hallow’s Eve is upon us!


From Hocus Pocus, to Halloweentown, witches and Halloween seem synonymous. Harry Potter is no exception. While it is a kid’s book/movie series, it has its creepy moments! Here are the spookiest things in Harry Potter, from the creepiest moments to the scariest creatures.

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#1 Prisoner of Azkaban Vibe/Dementor Intro


The Prisoner of Azkaban was by far the scariest movie in the series. It was one of the darkest films—the tone of the movies taking a drastic turn from the first two. It also introduced one of the scariest creatures of the Harry Potter series—the DementorWhat is more scary than something that literally sucks the joy out of you? The way they were introduced was also incredibly creepy with the ice.

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#2 Lupin’s Transformation

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Seeing the quiet, unassuming Lupin transform into a terrifying creature was so creepy. It was made even scarier that he went after the kids, showing a complete lack of control.

#3 Dementor’s Attack

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Speaking of Dementors, their attack on Dudley and Harry was downright terrifying. The boldness of it, attacking a muggle so far from Azkaban, was a scary reminder of Voldemort’s rise to power. It was so frightening seeing them suck the life out of Dudley and Harry, not knowing if it was going to kill them or not (well, you knew Harry couldn’t die, obviously).

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#4 Bathilda Bagshot


Merlin’s beard, this scene was disgusting and so creepy. Having a snake pop out of an old woman was so brilliantly disturbing, it still gives me the heebie-jeebies.

#5 Inferi

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Almost as creepy as the Dementors, the Inferi are an incredibly creepy magical take on the all popular zombies (and one of my personal favorite horror tropes). The whole scene was made extra creepy with the death water that Dumbledore drank.

What was your favorite creepy Harry Potter moment?

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