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Legacies cameo wish list: TVDU characters we want to see

OK, TVDU fans. We’ve seen the pilot episode of the second Vampire Diaries spinoff, and it did not disappoint. Complete with classic TVD-style twists, Legacies promises to delight new audience, plus give us lifer fans the nostalgia we’re all craving.

Speaking of nostalgia…let’s make a dream cameo list of TVD/Originals characters we want to appear on Legacies. Disclaimer: I’m not counting our beloved sheriff and forever human Matty Donovan, or hunter Jeremy Gilbert, since they’ve both been confirmed to make appearances on Legacies this season. I’m also not counting Caroline Forbes, as I’m assuming she’ll make some sort of appearance?

Let’s dive in! WARNING: There may be spoilers from Originals and TVD below! Also, this list was super fucking hard because like 99% of the characters I want to appear on this show are dead (READ: Katherine Pierce, Josh Rosza, Cami O’Connell, Stefan, UGH.)

Obvi: Klaus Mikaelson and brethren

I’ll be damned to the Hell Katherine Pierce once ruled if we don’t get a ghost of some kind of Niklaus and Co. I know Klaus and Elijah are stardust or whatever, but that doesn’t mean their spirits can’t be summoned for some daughter/father/uncle time. I fucking loved Klaus’ development with Hope. Seeing Klaus become a dad was the ultimate character arc, and I will defend that until the end of friggin time.

Plus, Freya Mikaelson, Hope’s aunt, was such a big part of Hope’s struggle in the final season of The Originals, and being that they are both two of the most powerful witches in the world, it would be badass to see them collab to fight evil.

Hayley Marshall

Dude, if you didn’t think Hayley was the OG, unapologetic badass TV needed, then you need a kick in the gut. Hayley, also Hope’s mom, was extremely loyal, and she always put herself before others—always. Even in death she put her daughter first, and that’s what being a mom is all about. I’m hoping at least a flashback of some sort where Hayley shares some advice that’s relevant to a problem Hope’s dealing with in the present appears.

BONNIE FUCKING BONNET (but with conditions)

Bonnie Bonnet MUST appear on Legacies, but one thing must happen if so: she better be chillin’ on an island living the damn dream. Bon Bon has been through Hell and back (literally), and she deserves a nice vacation and a steady stream of cocktails. If she helps Hope and friends with something, I’m hoping it’s on her own accord and she’s not dragged in because she’s being given a guilt-trip and doesn’t have a choice. Maybe it will have something to do with her best friends’ child …. (See next on the list!)

Elena and Damon Salvatore

The series’ preview teased Elena Salvatore’s doctor office in Mystic Falls, so we know that a spawn of Elena and Damon is a possibility. As mentioned in my previous article about possible new characters to the show, Elena is a traveler and doppelgänger, and Damon’s been a vampire so he probably has some supernatural dust sprinkled around his soul. It’s not a ballpark theory to say that even though they are both human now, their child would be of supernatural origin. Thus, making them a candidate for the Salvatore School. Also, with the school being Damon’s old house, their kid would probably get free tuition. (When you’re a parent you just think of these things, ok.)

Marcel Gerard

Marcel is basically like a brother to Hope. He was Klaus’ child before Klaus had a biological child, and it would make sense that Marcel would want to check up on Hope. Marcel’s super-vampire thing from The Originals is a bit lost on me, but I would suspect that with Klaus dead he’s the next best thing to the baddest of them all.

Vincent Griffith

Oh, how I miss the cynical, brooding witch from New Orleans. Can we make him a substitute teacher or something?

Davina Claire

Davina is one bad witch, and she and Kol making an appearance on Legacies seems like a likely possibility. Kol isn’t the biggest on family, but Davina would push him to help Hope if she really needed it. Again, I’m assuming they’d show up due to some sort of diabolical situation.

There are a hundred other cameos I’d love to see on this show, but we’ll have to do a part two of this series. Tweet me who you’d want to be on the show for a cameo @lizprugh!

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