‘Wonder Woman 1984’: 5 reasons it will be worth the wait

During the imminent release of Wonder Woman‘s first solo film, audiences from across the globe held their breath in anticipation. This anticipation was rooted in excitement, yes, but also in the very valid fear that it would suck. Thankfully, Wonder Woman did not suck. We got to see the gloriousness that are the Amazons battling in Themyscira, the masterful first appearance of Diana suited up as Wonder Woman, and we also got see her in No Man’s Land, running with a rain of bullets bouncing off her Bracelets of Submission. We cheered, we cried, and we took Wonder Woman out of the theater with us, and immersed her into our daily lives.

The sequel to the film has unfortunately been moved to a later date. We have to wait until June 5, 2020, to see Diana back in action. Don’t fret! There’s plenty of reasons why it will be worth the wait, but here’s five:

#5 Lynda Carter might have a cameo!


Even the possibility of seeing Lynda Carter in a Wonder Woman movie has us squealing. I admit, I squealed. I would love to see the OG Wonder Woman on my screen in any capacity. Everyone, pray to the goddesses and it might just happen.

#4 Steve Trevor returns!

Warner Bros.

Steve Trevor is… alive? How? You died in a plane crash decades ago! Is he really Steve Trevor? I’ll need to see some ID – and some skin care tips because Steve’s looking good for his age.

#3 We’re going back to the ’80s!

Warner Bros.

Imagine: Diana in leg warmers, saying some hip ’80s reference, while wearing a scrunchie. Okay, I’m mostly excited about the clothing possibilities, but aren’t we all?

#2 A female villain, finally!

Warner Bros.

Kristen Wiig will be playing the role of Cheetah. Mundanely known as Barbra Minerva, she’s an anthropologist who gains powers in an ancient ritual. Who else is stoked to see a female villain stir up some trouble? That was rhetorical. WE ALL ARE!

#1 The sweet, sweet, return of Patty Jenkins

Warner Bros.

Patty Jenkins will once again direct Diana’s solo film journey. We are very thankful of this fact, because hell yes to female directors, and also because she was a huge part of why the first film was such a success. I’m very pleased that Wonder Woman can be its own thing inside the DCEU.

Wonder Woman 1984 will debut June 5, 2020! Mark a Wonder Woman sized hole in your calendars!



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