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‘Black Lightning’ 2×03: Top 4 moments from “Master Lowry”

Black Lightning 2×03 recap: Season 2, Episode 3, “The Book of Consequences: Chapter Three: Master Lowry”, Aired Oct. 23, 2018

Black Lightning is back this week with yet another explosive episode!

So, what exactly went down?

  • Anissa takes it upon herself to save the church health clinic by stealing money from drug dealers (again!)
  • Jennifer gets corned into seeing a therapist who specializes in dealing with individuals with abilities. (This introduces a brand new character to the show who also has a super power that we have yet to see.)
  • Black Lightning and Henderson team up to take down bad guy. This is a duo that I’m going to be excited to see develop. Lets hope they can continue to work together to help keep Freeland a safer place.
  • Tobias is no longer a free man!

Lets breakdown the top 4 moments of 2×03 in more detail:

#1 Anissa goes Robin Hood style again to save the clinic

After Anissa learns that the church health clinic won’t survive if funds aren’t found for it, she decides to go Robin Hood 2.0. Anissa takes down more drug dealers and steals all their dirty money, and causally hands it to the church Pastor again. Despite it being wrong that she is technically stealing money, no one can be mad that she is taking from drug dealers and actually using the money for good. Although I think all this ‘good deeds’ she is doing, will catch up with her. Someone will surely want revenge after she is targeting the drug dealers in Freeland. Let’s just hope no one gets hurt!

#2 Jennifer learning to take control of her powers

Jennifer takes action and begins to seriously take control of her abilities. This way, she won’t be a danger to herself and others. OH, and also, she might actually get to leave her house and the block LOL. However, just as Jennifer things she is slowly but surely working through things herself, her parents step in (behind her back) and assign her a therapist who specializes in super-powered humans. The therapist is called Perenna and confronts Jennifer while she is taking a stroll through the park. Of course this random lady approaching her, who also knows her name, freaks Jennifer out and she demands to know who the hell she is. Perenna convinces her to stay calm and tries to explain she is there to help, next thing Jennifer knows is that she is transported outwith the normal world. Um, what is going on?

Turns out Perenna has transported her to a telepathic safe place, and there they will work together so that Jennifer can learn to fully control her abilities.  Firstly, she tells Jennifer to create a box to put her feelings into. Easy right? But in order to place her feelings into that box, Jennifer must confront those feelings head on. Looks like this might take some time! Fingers crossed Perenna can help Jennifer work through her issues, despite what seemed like an ambush at the beginning.

#3 Henderson and Black Lightning/Jefferson working together

Henderson still isn’t in the forgiving mood with Jefferson, but that don’t stop him from asking him for help (now that he knows that he is Black Lightning). Detective Summers’ car was found burned, and Henderson knows that only three arsonists could have pulled off a job like that. Two are already in jail but one is still out there in the city, and Henderson needs Black Lightning to track him down.

Once Black Lightning finds the arsonist, he leads him to Khalil after he confesses that Khalil was the one who offered hi the job. Black Lightning knows that he needs to track down Khalil fast before he does any more damage. Do you think Khalil can be saved? Or has he gone down too much of a dark path already?

#4 Tobias gets caught

At the end of the episode, Henderson turns up to Jefferson’s place to deliver him some news: they have got Tobias in custody. OH-MY-GOD! What will happen next? The look on Jefferson’s face says it all. I know he’s going to want some time with Tobias alone. Even if Tobias gets locked up for good, is that enough for Jefferson? Will he be content or want to take matters into his own hands and take out the man who killed his father? Only time will tell …

Other important scenes to note:

  • We meet the new principal of Garfield High and I already don’t like him. Can they just reinstate Jefferson already? Please?
  • Lynn is forced to work alongside a mentally unstable doctor who has been imprisoned due to her previous actions of conducting illegal experiments on 11 patients (all severely impaired and one dead). Of course Lynn kicks up a fuss over it (I would too), but she is left with no choice. At least one thing for sure is that Lynn makes is perfectly clear that she hates the doctor and is no way her friend. Together they are there to try save the pod children, if the doctor misbehaves Lynn will send her ass back to jail!
  • Anissa flirts with Grace and tries to make amends, after some girl talk with her sis makes her realize she needs a serious relationship in her life. Will these two get back together?
  • Khalil is dangerously going off the rails in an effort to stay on Tobias’ good side. However, Black Lightning scares him later in the episode, and reminds him that he is no match to him. I wonder what will happen with him now that Tobias has been picked up by the police …
  • Kara turns up outside Gambi’s place looking worse for wear. However, it is left unclear if she is alive or dead. Lets hope she is alive and can help them take down Tobias once and for all.

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