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‘All American’ recap: The 3 best moments from episode 1×03, “i”

All American recap: Season 1, Episode 3, “i”, Aired Oct. 24, 2018

This was, in my humble but probably correct opinion, the best episode so far. Here are the three best parts:

#1 Coop is the best character—don’t @ me

Coop is unapologetically who she is. She’s a black lesbian from Crenshaw, and she wears that identity proudly. Coop just wants her mom, a church choir director, to connect those dots on her own, without having to say it. However, Coop had to say it. They both knew, but her mother’s denial was getting in the way of her living her life. When they stop dancing around each other, it’s heartbreaking to see her mom make the wrong choice. She chooses ignorance over her daughter, and Coop stays at Spencer’s house.

#2 Jordan and Spencer have bonding time!

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Jordan decides its time to get to know Spencer’s world better. For the most part, it goes well. Both Jordan and Spencer learn more about each other, and also accept and appreciate the different cultures they grew up in. Driving home, Jordan and Spencer get pulled over by the cops, and rather then cooperate, like Spencer was taught to do, Jordan “asked too many questions” and they were forcibly arrested.

Coach gives Jordan the talk, and tries to include him in his past the best way he can. He takes him to his old barber and Jordan finds photos of Coach and Grace and learns they dated. This is also the first episode where the Beverly Hills Eagles feel like a cohesive team, and put aside their prejudices to work together. Thank goodness, because a healthy and happy team dynamic is what makes sports television shows so great.

#3 Olivia and Layla… I ship it

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Layla and Olivia are one step closer to working out their sh*t! When Layla requested to work with Olivia on a school project, Olivia did apologize for being shady… but she didn’t tell her that she hooked up with Asher once. Layla and Asher have maybe said two words to each other in these three episodes. So clearly, this isn’t a relationship that they want us to be invested in. But most importantly, Olivia and Layla are becoming best friends again.

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