‘Riverdale’ 3×03: 5 things we loved (and 3 we hated)

Riverdale 3×03, Season 3, Episode 03, “Chapter Thirty-Eight: As Above, So Below,” Aired Oct. 24, 2018 

The mystery of the Gargoyle King moved forward, Archie’s jail time takes another crappy turn, and Veronica opens her newest teen hang with the help of her right hand man, Reggie. Here’s what we loved and what we hated about Riverdale 3×03!

5 Things We Loved

#1 Veronica Lodge is climbing to the top. In previous seasons Veronica was always sort of just a side note in other character’s big stories. She was Betty’s friend, Archie’s girlfriend and Hiram’s daughter. Now that V’s main man is locked up and she is done with Daddy – she is carving out her own super interesting corner of Riverdale. She is working and becoming a legit boss lady and we love it. We also like that she is refusing to follow in her Dad’s shady footsteps.

#2 Le Bonne Nuit. While the concept of a teenage/mocktail/formal speakeasy (that is also hard to pronounce), is kind of an eye-roll, the glitz and sex appeal of Veronica’s latest business venture fits the aesthetic of the show better than the happy milkshakes and glowing neon of Pop’s. Also, there is something super fun about Veronica and Reggie’s unlikely pairing.

#3 Falice. FP Jones and Alice have a lot of history and they have finally given in to it and it’s AMAZING. We also can’t wait to see more about them in the past when they do the flashback episode. Also, can we all just stop to appreciate that FP has a jellybean tattoo?

riverdale 3x03

#4 Jughead and Betty. They are hardcore committed to finding the truth about what the heck is going on with the Gargoyle King. They also have no problem using the dead kid’s bunker to bang in between investigations. Their banter and chemistry makes all of their scenes so much fun to watch! Long live True Detective and Nancy Drew!

#5 Choni. Cheryl and Toni didn’t get a ton of content in this episode, but they were serving looks for days. That scene where they dress up and take pics of the Lodge drug lab with Veronica was great. More of that please! Also, more of these Serpent photo shoots!

riverdale 3x03

3 Things We Hated

#1 Archie in jail. Do we love seeing slow motion, shirtless KJ Apa? Yes, yes we do. But having Arch locked up makes his story feel so disconnected from the core four’s stories. It also limits how much we see Fred and that’s a goddamn shame. #FreeLukePerry

Riverdale 3x03

#2 Ethel kissing Jughead. Seriously, WTF was that? She also chugged some poison and handed out the game manual to everyone. Ugh, this girl.

#3 Not enough Falice. Alice is all wacky on the Farm’s crazy juice now so seeing her in bed with FP without zero of the build up was strange and sort of a bummer. The best part of Falice is the sneaked looks and smirks. We want more of that!!!

 What did you think of the episode? Do you have your own theories? Hit the comments and tell us your thoughts!

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