Pictures on set of ‘Midnight Texas’: Nonspoilery Midnight hotspots

Midnight Texas set visit features some of your favorite Midnight hotspots.

I spent a couple days during September in the beautiful landscape of Albuquerque, New Mexico,  Midnight, Texas, chatting with the amazing cast, touring the set and experiencing behind-the-scenes TV magic. Of course, I can’t give away any spoilers about what I saw (my lips are sealed!). However, I can give you pictures of your favorite hotspots in Midnight. Because who wouldn’t want to see Fiji’s house, Olivia and Leumer’s apartment or the local pawn shop?! Thankfully, I didn’t come across anything too out of the ordinary during my visit, because it is Midnight after all. You never know what or who you might run into there.

It was an amazing experience to see how a TV episode is made, which made me appreciate TV more than I already did. Being able to watch the actors film a scene was beyond words — something I always wanted to experience. Not to mention some of the insight into the show and characters that a few cast members talked to us about was super fun to hear from their perspective. Throughout the course of the season, we will be dropping those exclusive interviews with the cast. So keep your eyes on our site!

Of course, I can’t help but drop a picture of the beautiful landscape in which Midnight, Texas is filmed. Talk about a breathtaking backdrop for the show!

Flip through our gallery to see some of the spots I got to see on set!

Midnight, Texas season 2 premieres Oct. 26! The wait is over. Check out the promo for season 2 here. Stay tuned as for more exclusives coming from our visit over the course of season 2.


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