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5 Characters We Want To See in the Arrowverse

Can we all agree to write off DC movies? Is that cool? We all make an exception for Wonder Woman. That’s a given. Now. Can we all agree now? The mistake DC is actively making is turning up a nose toward their only major win: the Arrowverse. While the movies have tanked, their small screen counterparts over at the CW have soared. So here are 5 characters we all want to see included in the Arrowverse.

I am not holding out some pipe dream hope for Green Lantern. Nor am I holding my breath to see what Greg Berlanti, Ali Adler, and company could do with Batman. I’m not even wishing for Darkseid (except when I am). No. These 5 characters are a little more obscure. DC won’t kick up a fuss. The Arrowverse could take them, mold them, use them as much as they please.

5. Detective Chimp



Wait! No! Stop! Just wait. Please? Give me a chance. Hear me out. We have two distinct avenues to get to Bobo T. Chimpanzee, a boozy Sherlockian monkey. One involves our departed Team Arrow member Ragman. Both Ragman and Detective Chimp are members of the Shadowpact, which features a cast of characters who could populate this list by themselves. If Ragman were to return with the Shadowpact in tow? Sign me the f**k up.

Our other path to Bobo, however, excites me even more. My own personal introduction to Detective Chimp was via a Flash comic in the 90s. I had to download it to refresh my memory (thank you, DC Universe), but in a nutshell it involves Flash and Green Lantern going up against Grodd. If you will recall, Nora West-Allen tipped us to a possible Grodd return. The comic took place in Gorilla City on Earth 2. An escaped Grodd reeking havoc on either Earth, with Team Flash having to bring in Detective Chimp to help track him down? I know the similarities to Sherloque Wells coming onboard might be a splash of cold water on my plan. But a Detective Chimp and Sherloque Wells team up? Come on. Tell me you don’t want to see that!

4. The Wonder Twins


I hear you groaning. Calm the f**k down. I know we have seen this tried a few times to varying effects. And I also know there was a brief tip of the hat in Season 1 of The Flash. But I believe there are enough Arrowverse fans out there old enough (or introduced later in life … thanks again, DC Universe) to Super Friends for there to be a healthy appreciation of including Zan and Jayna (maybe even some version of Gleek). I think the best fit is actually on Supergirl. The biggest knock on the Wonder Twins is the limitation of their powers (they can only activate when they touch rings). So the obvious niche is juxtaposed next to the Arrowverse character with the most limitless power: Supergirl. There is always room for some healthy contrast. And Supergirl has the right sense of humor as a show to incorporate two characters who may lean a touch goofy.

3. Zatanna


I can’t believe I’m actually having to suggest this one. Why have we not already had this happen? Zatanna was a strong character in Smallville, and has been a crucial part of multiple animated franchises. But now, we have more reason than ever to see her pop up in the Arrowverse. Zatanna has long been romantically linked to John Constantine. And with John joining Legends of Tomorrow, it only makes sense to see Zatanna magically appear in future episodes.

2. Midnighter and Apollo


So this is cheating a little, because it’s two characters. But how could adding the same-sex marriage of two superheroes be a bad thing to any Arrowverse show. Apollo is very much in the Superman mold, and Midnighter is like a Batman who kills people. So, if we can’t get the big names in the Arrowverse because DC is stupidly holding them out to CGI their facial hair off in sh*tty movies, then let’s opt for their more fun counterparts. These two could carry their own show with ease. And they bring with them multiple additional characters who could make this list. Their most popular storyline starts with Midnighter trying to get Apollo out of hell, so I’m not sure that meshes with any existing show (maybe Legends?). So just start a new one. I’m in.

1. The Question


I could have written this whole article about Question. The reports I’ve read have said that there were originally plans for Question to show up somewhere in the Arrowverse, but DC Films has “plans” for the character. Plans to do what, DC Films? Ruin it? That to me is like saying Hershey’s has ideas for some great new candy bar. But then a parent company steps in and says, “Oh, I’m sorry. We have plans to make that same candy bar in our sh*t factory. We can’t have it in two different factories, so obviously the sh*t factory get first dibs on this one. Sorry gang. Have fun making your delicious chocolate for a fraction of the funding we are putting into manufacturing sh*t.”

If you aren’t familiar with Question, he is essentially a former investigative journalist who fights crime as “the man without a face.” There are plenty of comics to turn to, but you could also look back at the best episodes of Justice League Unlimited. Yes. Best episodes. I welcome your debate on this matter. Like Midnighter and Apollo, Question could run a show. But I can also see him being added to the grittier nature of Arrow. Or, why not forge some new ground with a DC Black Label team up: plug him into Black Lightning.



Matt Coleman

Matt Coleman writes mysteries, comedies, and irreverent analyses of pop culture. He is the author of JUGGLING KITTENS and GRAFFITI CREEK, both of which have too many bad words for his mom's liking. You can find him at

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