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The top guesses as to who Landon Kirby really is on ‘Legacies’

Ooooook, Julie Plec! You got me again with your epic twists.

As we all saw in the Legacies series premiere, “sweet” Landon is really a supernatural knife-carrying thief who blows up buses. He was clearly playing Hope all along (I think?) Does this mean he is malicious? Or, is he a supernatural creature trying to find more about himself and killed a bus full of people on accident? My guess is the former. And what does he claustrophobic flashback have to do with it all?!

Let’s dive into who—or what—Landon could be. Remember, he couldn’t be compelled—so he’s something supernatural.

Salvatore descendent

Landon was super interested in the Stefan Salvatore library, so maybe he knew what the knife really was/what it could do. Why else would he have chosen to take that specific item? Maybe the item can only be triggered by someone of a certain bloodline? Who knows!

Just a messenger for the real villain?

Maybe “Landon” is working for the show’s real big-bad? If he’s really been playing Hope since their dance in the park in The Originals, this was a long game he was playing (possibly with someone else). He would know that Hope and Co. would come for Rafael, so maybe he attached himself to Rafael for that specific reason, trying to appear as an innocent bystander when Hope and Ric showed up to retrieve him… and took him to the school.

A hunter

Jeremey Gilbert (played by Steven R. McQueen) is confirmed to appear on the series, and it could be to help out Landon (if he’s a hunter.) For you newbs to the TVD, a hunter is “a person that hunts vampires or hybrids usually with the intention of permanently destroying them.” (Thanks, TVD Wikia) Double thanks to Twitter for helping with this prediction!

There’s only one other person who’s faked us out before this good…

This is a long shot, but if Landon was part of the Petrova doppleganger bloodline I WOULDN’T BE MAD.

Now here’s the twist

First, let me explain: Katherine Pierce/Katerina Petrova had a daughter, thus how Elena Gilbert came about on TVD. So, it IS possible that Landon could be a part of that line somehow (I’m sure the writers could come up with a family tree of some sort.) Petrovas are Travelers, meaning they can body jump and do fancy shit like that. So, a couple of options here:

  1. Landon is really a Traveler. Honestly, I only wish this so he could be related to Katherine somehow, and we have a “male version” of a Katherine on this show. She was DELICIOUSLY evil, and I lived for it.
  2. What if Landon WAS the real sweet Landon during the dance in the park… but a Traveler jumped into his body to take the knife because they needed it for their own evil agenda? Honestly, I’d like it better if Landon himself had his own supernatural twist outside of being a vessel for someone else’s evil-doings. We shall see!

I think I’ve confused us all enough for now—who do you think Landon really is? Sound off in the comments below, and tweet me @lizprugh @Pure_Fandom.

Legacies airs Thursdays at 9pmEST on The CW

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