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‘Supernatural’ 14×03: 39 thoughts I had while watching “The Scar”

Supernatural recap: Season 14, Episode 03, “The Scar,” Aired Oct. 25, 2018

Dean is back but the trouble isn’t over! A mysterious scar leads Sam and Dean to a case that Jody is working on and it also gives us some major Wayward Sisters bitterness. For real – this episode just proves that the Wayward Sisters show should have gone to series because it was the most interesting part of this episode!

39 Thoughts I had during Supernatural 14×03!

1. Dean’s vest is my new favorite thing.

2. Nevermind, Dean hating on Sam’s beard is my new favorite thing

3. OMG, Cas and Dean really are the cutest. (Castiel’s face when he saw Dean – awwww!)

4. Ohhhh, I almost forgot that Nick went off and killed that dude.

5. Uh, oh. Dean is NOT okay. And um, how dare Michael scare that beautiful body?! How dare he.

6. A dark, hooded figure stabbed Michael? Who was that?!

7. Jody!!! Oh man, this just reminds me of how much I miss her.

8. I’m still bitter AF about Wayward Sisters not getting picked up tbh.


9. Sam always tryin’ to talk about feeling and Dean is always shutting it down.

10. “Claire’s still Claire.” I wish she was in this ep.

11. Sam is a true crime nerd and I love it.

12. Jack is running away from home – oh, the drama.

13. “Like Sleeping Beauty.” – Jack’s ass better not try to kiss this poor dying girl. Just no.

14. I actually really like the Sam Beard. It’s a good look.

15. Vamp heads on a stick. Yikes. Is this person actually an undercover good guy?

16. I almost forgot! Kaia was murdered by her doppleganger – would have been super cool to see why/how/what but no spin-off for us. Boo.

17. “Is that your Dad?” –  Sick girl

“One of them, yes.” – Jack (Awww)

18. Cas doesn’t look too confident that he can save that girl. Cas needs his Season 4 confidence back.

19. Michael made super monsters! I’m still not sure I understand his plan in all of this.


20. Dean has zero chill. Get this man some pie!

21. This witchy chant is kind of a bop.

22. Oh shit, that spell didn’t work at all, poor girl.

23. I forgot that Claire and Kaia had a little romance. FUCK. I really wanted Wayward Sisters.

24. Look at Jack solving problems and being useful! He’s going to make a great hunter.

25. Why is Sam so shocked whenever Dean gets super rough and tough? It’s his usual response in these situations.

26. Oh cool, Kaia and this Dark Kaia chick are connected because of their dream walking thing. That’s neat.

27. Michael’s hat is cool. Can Dean keep wearing it please?

28. Those vampire teeth look super uncomfortable to wear.

29. Bahaha, Dean freed Dark Kaia thinking she’d help and she bolted.


30. Jody! That vamp just broke her arm. SAVE JODY!

31. Oh snap, Dark Kaia is back and fighting off the vamps like a champ. I like her.

32. Seriously, Dark Kaia is a bad-ass. Her spear can hurt Michael making her a target, and she refuses to give it up.

33. Jody really is such a cool character. I really wish we could see more of her.

34. Is Jack sick? Can he get sick or is this some witch thing.

35. Cas is going to make Jack soup because they are precious.

36. Winchesters and their feelings talks in the dark car are the best.

37. Dean Winchester, you are strong and wonderful and this is not your fault!!!

38. Jack is coughing up blood? That’s not good. Is his body unable to handle things now that he’s lost his grace?

39. Again, the episode confirms it – Wayward Sisters deserves a damn spinoff.

What was your favorite part of the episode? Hit the comments and check out our own Men of Letters Bunker for more Supernatural recaps, reviews and news!

Supernatural airs Thursdays, at 8/7PM CST on The CW.


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