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‘Arrow’ recap: 7×02, “The Longbow Hunters”

Arrow recap: Season 7, Episode 2, “The Longbow Hunters,” Aired October 22, 2018

As we dive deeper into the world of Slabside, the new normal for Team Arrow, and William’s future, one word comes to mind: jarring. The parts of the episode that I felt that were particularly jarring were not bad, or too much. They were refreshing, it’s like they kept splashing water on my face throughout the episode. It allowed my pores to open up and my skin to glow.

However, in the midst of basking in my newfound glowing skin, I couldn’t help but also mourn the show I’ve watched over the last six years. I’ve worn this makeup for a while, it’s only natural to have a twinge of sadness over its loss, but it doesn’t mean this new look isn’t hot, sexy, and badass.

I, and so many other viewers, are ready for this change. Together, we’re given the opportunity to apply a new shade of lipstick and walk into this world with our pores open and our heads held high. I for one think we look amazing, and I’m beyond ecstatic Arrow does too.

Oliver, I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore

That new Arrow intro, huh? It was kind of a bummer. Oliver is no longer the Green Arrow, he’s inmate 4587. He apparently only spent a total of two days in solitary for hitting a prisoner over the head with a weight. Repeatedly. Hey, still no judgement, but it was particularly brutal.

Yorke, the prison guard also thinks so when he lectures Oliver about it. Oliver just mumbles something about protecting his family and continues walking. Anyone else really into this broody Oliver? It’s no secret Oliver is a brooder, but it was mostly about Green Arrow stuff and whether or not he was a good person.

Now he’s like, “yeah, I hit him repeatedly with a fifty-pound weight, what of it?” and just really misses his wife and son. My love for Oliver Queen will never waiver.

When Stan sees Oliver out of solitary, he makes a beeline towards him and is way to enthusiastic for my liking. Dude, be cool. You’re in a maximum security prison, there’s no room to fanboy over the Green Arrow. There is a possibility that Stan’s whole “thing” is an act.

He claims he was falsely accused of murder, but I’m not so quick to pat him on the head for being a loyal little puppy just yet. Part of me wishes Stan turns out to be a psychopath, and the other part of me wants them to keep in touch after prison and be best friends. There’s no in-between.

Overwatch Oliver

Stan asked around about Diaz’s messenger, and he found out he was sent Level Two, which is apparently the worst place you can possibly be. And his face looks like hamburger meat, which was to be expected. But who hired said hamburger meat for Diaz? It was none other than Mr. Danny “Brick” Brickwell.

That means its that time in every prison storyline ever to give the new prisoner (Oliver) the speech about how prison has a different set of rules, and if you don’t follow them, you die. Clichés are clichés for a reason. When Oliver approaches Brick for information about Diaz, he gives him the speech, and commands that Oliver do something for him first, which is to get rid of Yorke.

Time for Oliver to get his Overwatch on. To get access to a dinosaur of a computer, Stan and Oliver make a distraction out of a make shift bow and arrow. All you need is: half a water bottle, a rubber band, broken pencils, and a green condom and you’re good to go! Oliver snaps his condom and pencils at a ceiling light and they successfully create a distraction.

While he uses the skills his wife taught him, Oliver learns Yorke is a rule follower that has a wife and kid. Brick starts to get impatient and gives Oliver a shiv for shanking. Oliver tries a different approach and just tells Yorke to quit, but of course he doesn’t.

Oliver decides to just threaten him, then shanks himself to make it look like it was Yorke so he’ll be fired. Seeing Oliver on the ground acting all scared and cowardly, didn’t stop me from feeling a plethora of emotions like joy, pride, and embarrassment.

Queen Felicity, The Longbow Hunters, and Others

Felicity starts the episode off with a glass of wine in Diggle’s apartment. She shows off the digital murder board she created that only thinks about Diaz, and it found some tech he wants. Which is very cool, I approve of all future Smoak Tech products.

The first appearance of The Longbow Hunters! Their villainy is much appreciated as Red Dart infiltrates a high security company to steal the tech for Diaz. Kodiak and Silencer aren’t far behind when they swoop in to help. It feels so nice to be excited about an Arrow adversary again. Anyways, they’re badass, I’m pro Longbow Hunters.

I know, I don’t like it when they fight either

Nobody is on the same wave-length as Felicity this episode. Diggle also has ARGUS responsibilities he has to worry about when some director dude orders him to make recovering the tech the number one priority, not catching Diaz. Thus, we have Delicity conflict. I don’t like it when brother and sister fight, but this one was necessary.

Diggle blocked Felicity’s computer when he felt she was stepping too far out of ARGUS’s rule book. But Felicity won’t even pretend to be a good little soldier for ARGUS’s sake, or for Diggle. His family and life are still in tack. Felicity’s isn’t, and she’ll do anything to get it back. Digg’s rather harsh saying that Oliver isn’t coming back, and getting Diaz won’t change that.

She will burn the world down

Felicity is beyond done at this point. She doesn’t recognize this Diggle who’s not doing everything in his power to bring his brother home, and neither do we. My favorite line in the whole episode was when she says, “the last six years actually meant something to me.” Me too, girl. Me too.

After Felicity and Diggle put everything on the table, they come back together to have an honest conversation about their choices. Look at these two people who respect and love each other, resolving conflict like adults. It can be done. Diggle didn’t put the hood back on because he thinks it destroyed their family, and he couldn’t do that to his.

No, that was Diaz and Rene. But I still respect Diggle’s decision all the same, and so does Felicity.

She also agrees to do things ARGUS’s way when they track down the tech, and go in to retrieve it. Felicity is Overwatching when she hears Diggle over comms say he saw Diaz. Her face goes blank with a mixture of rage and determination when she hesitates to let Diaz go in order to retrieve the tech. Curtis makes the choice for her when he takes over. Diaz gets away, but they have the very dangerous tech.

God is a woman

Felicity understands Diggle’s choices, but she has different priorities. She needs to work with someone who’s number one priority is catching Diaz. Enter Samanda Watson. The FBI still needs to follow through on their deal to catch Diaz, and it looks like Felicity is going to team up with them to do so.

Two Canaries Crying

Dinah insists that Laurel needs police protection. I disagree, being that she’s a badass meta human with a canary cry, and so are you Dinah, which makes this plot point all the more confusing. Laurel refuses, so Dinah decides to be her protection because she doesn’t want to deal with the district attorney dying. Fair point.

They go to a building that Diaz bought in Star City and see if he’s there, but Silencer shows up instead and she officially becomes my favorite Longbow Hunter. In these fight sequences you barely hear anything and it takes both Dinah and Laurel’s cry for Silencer to go down. Very cool.

William and Roy, just chilling

Over in the future, William reveals that Oliver and Felicity abandoned him. Nope. Don’t believe it. They wouldn’t. I need more explanation. THESE FLASH FORWARDS ARE STRESSING ME OUT! He also reveals that his boyfriend left him because he has commitment issues, and that he’s a super smart tech genius.

Notice how he’s very much Felicity’s kid? When they find Oliver’s buried bow and arrows he said he doesn’t even know how to use one. Inside, Roy finds a hidden message that convinces him, in all of his apparent bitterness and isolation, that they need to go back to Star City. I’m very excited, but also about to throw up.

Catch Arrow Mondays at 8 PM on The CW.



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