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‘The Flash’ recap: 5×03 “The Death of Vibe”

The Flash season 5 episode 3, “The Death of Vibe”, aired 24 October 2018.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but “The Death of Vibe” has got to be the most ominous episode title of The Flash yet. With the injuries Cisco sustained last week, the show seemed to be foreshadowing the exit of one of its most beloved characters.

Fortunately, Cisco does not leave us, but Central City thinks Vibe is dead. The metahuman himself will have to retire the alias for his own safety. Will it be temporary? We don’t know. However, the “death” of Vibe perhaps will give Cisco more time to interact with our newest team member and Wells!

Elementary, my dear metahumans

Per Nora, Cicada is an anigma even in the future because no one was able to catch him or even figure out his identity. Not even “the League” (Justice League name drop!!!) Nora also realises that her running back in time changed the timeline – and thus Cicada’s victims.

the flash nora west-allen
image: the CW

However, the future CSI also has a plan – hire a Wells! Enter Sherloque Wells, supposedly the best detective in the multiverse, complete with Matrix-style shades. But of course, no new Wells comes without its initial problems. For Sherloque, it is his hefty service fee and superior attitude. Ralph was excited to meet a fellow detective, but Sherloque brusquely turns him down.

Sherloque very quickly leads the team to a man named David Hersch. Police apprehend Hersch and manage to link him to attempted bombings, but find no trace of Cicada’s dagger in his hideout. Barry also finds that Hersch’s bootprints do not match Cicada’s. Finally, Sherloque admits that he simply arrowed Hersch because he has been Cicada on 37 other Earths. Nora’s time-travelling must have changed this detail as well.

Sherloque already used his fee to pay alimony to his 7 ex-wives, so the team force him to remain until he can pay them back.

Fathers showdown

While Team Flash scramble to figure out his identity, Cicada identifies Joe West as a way to get to Vibe. When he attacks the West household, Joe notices the way the man comments on family and eyes Jenna’s blanket. This detective puts the pieces together correctly – Cicada is a father. If last week’s ending drew a parallel between Barry and Cicada, this week it was between Cicada and Joe.

the flash cicada
image: the CW

When Vibe breaches to the West house, Cicada pounces. The two fall through the breach into a seemingly random forest. Luckily, Sherloque does actually have Sherlock Holmes’ skills and works out their location. He is a tad too late, as Cicada manages to stab Cisco in the back – literally. Barry runs in, but once again Cicada gains the upper hand as they fight.

Nora saves her father yet again – and Cisco too. She distracts Cicada from the Flash by throwing an explosive fuel cell at him. She also tosses one to Cisco, but Cicada hits it back when Cisco throws his cell. Vibe is seemingly blown up in the explosion, but Cisco is still alive! Nora snuck him a breaching device when she tossed him his fuel cell so he could fake his death and get Cicada off his back. Iris finalises the ruse by reporting Vibe dead on her blog.

Finally, we see Orlan – Cicada – visiting his comatose daughter in the hospital. We also learn he has a glowing wound that is not healing. His conversation with the doctor suggests the injury and his daughter’s condition may be linked.

Frozen out

The B-plot this week adds a fourth father into the mix: Thomas Snow. But first, Ralph has to stop an environmentally-conscious robber from robbing an organic produce store. It was absolutely hilarious seeing the guy yell about how his gun was solar-powered with a zero carbon footprint, and insist on using his reusable bag to hold the cash. Even criminals are going green.

Adding to the hilarity of it all, Ralph morphs into a giant inflated pear to sucker-punch the eco-friendly robber. He becomes a meme as a result of the act. Sherloque’s disregard of him only adds insult to the injury. A sympathetic Caitlin invites him to confront her mother about her father’s fake death certificate.

When Natalie Martin Dr Tannhauser refuses to budge, Caitlin and Ralph break into her personal files instead. They uncover an apparent suicide note addressed to Caitlin, amongst other things. For a moment, it appears that Caitlin’s father is truly dead. However, the well-written letter does not match Mr Snow’s behaviour. As she looks through the other documents they found, Caitlin deciphers a code her father left for her, reading “Caitlin come find me.”

the flash caitlin snow

Whoa. Did Catilin’s mother want him out? Tell us your theories!

Man of Mystery

As is Flash tradition, the new Wells closes the episode while raising our suspicions. Nora runs into Sherloque while leaving Star Labs, and the man asks if her decision to stay in Barry’s time was entirely her own. Nora seems rattled by the enquiry. Sherloque, while of questionable work ethic, is certainly not a dud, which begs the question: WHAT DOES WELLS KNOW???

the flash tom cavanagh sherloque wells
image: the CW


  • “Thank you very much, Cumberbatch.” – Cisco to Sherloque
  • “Alcohol plus crying can only mean one thing: you have been duuuuuuumped.” – Sherloque, making his Sherlock-esque observations about Cisco.
  • “You pushed me into something I’ve never had before.” “Your first felony?” – Caitlin and Ralph.

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(featured image: the CW)


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