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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ recap: 4×01 “The Virgin Gary”

Legends of Tomorrow recap: Season 4, Episode 1, “The Virgin Gary” Aired October 22, 2018.

Hello, Legends! Our favorites are back! It’s been forever since we have seen our Legends on our screens. They brought us laughs, feels, and a good time. Let’s get into the top 5 moments of this week’s premiere.

5. Interim Gary


In our Season 4 Premiere the Legends gained another and an interim. We all knew that Constantine was getting added onto the roster. What we didn’t know was that we would also be getting an interim Legend. That’s right, we got a Gary!

I love Gary he was one of those characters that amped up last season. This week Gary is needed for a very important mission. He is used as bait. Why? Our Gary, to no one’s surprise is a virgin. The Legends just so happened to need one this week.

4. Psycho Unicorn


Why do the Legends need to sacrifice our innocent Gary? There is a killer unicorn on the loose at Woodstock and it loves to eat virgins. No, you read that sentence right. There is a killer unicorn on the loose.

“Why would the unicorn come to Woodstock to find a virgin. It’s the least virgin place.”

My thoughts exactly. Apparently it’s because everyone is tripping so it can run around without a fuss. Poor Gary finally gets to join the Legends to be eaten. Just kidding, he didn’t get eaten.

3. The Heywoods


We take a slight break from our storyline to introduce you to The Heywoods. We have met a few of the Legends’ family members. This week we get to meet Nate’s parents. Here’s what went down:

  • Nate and Rory break into his house to steal alcohol. Why? No one ever explains.
  • Mrs. Heywood is a delightful lady who likes to serve Rory sandwiches.
  • Mr. Heywood is a distant man. He is constantly putting down Nate. Leave our Nate alone, good sir!

At the end of the episode Nate goes back to his house to try to mend fences with his Dad. Don’t worry he brought booze!

2. #AvaLance is back!


5 months have past since the Season 3 finale, where we were all left waiting to see if Ava Lance loved Sara back. Wait no further! Ava Sharpe loves Sara. Sara loves Ava!

“I love you, you goober.”

“Well I love you too.”

Thank you writers for not making us wait a second longer. Our #AvaLance are in full relationship mode. They are kissing, dating, working, other things. Sara Lance is finally happy and so are the rest of us. Seriously the cute factor was on high tonight! Hopefully it continues!

1. John Constantine

John Constantine has reluctantly joined the Legends to fight the unicorn. Something is off about John this season. I am sure the writers will get into it, but he just seems more down than usual.

His strong friendship with Gary, however continues. He helps the Legends defeat the unicorn. Sara invites him to join the team. John says no. That is until a random demon spirit shoots his around his room. Then is mirror reads in blood that someone is coming for him.

Do we think he will be joining the Legends next week? Hell yes. What did you think about the premiere? Did you laugh as much as I did? Sound off in the comments. See you next week!

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