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‘Supergirl’ recap: 4×02 “Fallout”

Supergirl recap: Season 4, Episode 2, “Fallout” Aired October 23, 2018.

The secret is out. The President is an alien. I repeat The President is an alien. Do you care? No. Why? She was still a great President. Unfortunately the citizens of National City are torn on this issue. Sound familiar?

This episode deals with the current political climate with an out of world twist. You know what issues I am talking about. Supergirl goes there this episode and it pays off tenfold. The episode was solid. Let’s review the top five moments of the week!

5. Backlash

The CW

President Marsden steps down after her secret comes to light. Supegirl is there for her hero. She disagrees with how people are reacting and doesn’t understand.

“They accept me as Supergirl. Why won’t they accept you?”

“You did not break the law by hiding your true self.”

In the backlash, more hate groups start to pop up. The DEO begins to track the chatter. They realize Mercy Graves is about to make another play.

4. Lena’s History

Show Case

Speaking of Mercy Graves, not only do we find out she has a past with Lex, she also has a past with Lena. Kara comes to discuss this past with Lena, to see if she has an idea as to what she is up to. It is here we learn, Lena looked up to Mercy like a big sister.

As the two are chatting we cut to Mercy. She is beating up on this poor tech guy in an elevator. Ms. Graves steals his briefcase and leaves. What’s in the briefcase? We will find out.

Poor Lena all her mentors end up as villains!

3. Speak Out

Den of Geek

It is only one episode in and I am already pumped about Nia Nal. This girl is fire. She is a cross between a baby Kara and a little bit of Alex. The previous episode she was very timid and unsure. This week she speaks her mind and stands up to people in a big way.

Nia has a discussion with James. She tells him he needs to come out publicly to support aliens. He reminds her that the paper only stays a float if they tell both sides of the story. Nia’s frustration grows from there.

  • She must write a story only stating facts about the current state of the city. She cannot let her opinion get in the way.
  • Brainy’s image inhancer malfunctions due to Mercy’s override, while he is at his favorite pizza place.
  • The men at the pizza place try to attack Brainy and Nia stands in front of him.

Nia really did shine this episode! I can’t wait to see what the writers have in store.

2. Lena vs. Mercy


Mercy comes to L Corp. to hack the main frame so all of the image stabilizers will malfunction. Lena is not having any of it! The best part about this is, because Kara is with Lena she cannot transform into Supergirl.

It isn’t until the last possible second, when Lena tells Kara to run, that she can get away. Lena dang near kicks Mercy’s a*s, when Supergirl swoops in. Did Lena really need her? Probably not. The two of them take her down.

1. Brainy’s Revelation


Our Brainy learned a hard truth this week. The humanity he fights so hard to save may not feel the same way. He experienced prejudice and fear. This messed with his mind, when he attempted to help Supergirl.

It wasn’t until Alex set him right that he realized some people aren’t right. Alex tells him no matter what she has his back.

All the feels this episode, Superfans. What did you think? Tune in next week!

Supergirl airs Sundays at 8/7c on The CW. 

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