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‘Once Upon a Time’ rings in 7 years of magic, hope, and love

Seven years of Once Upon a Time

Can you believe that seven years ago, Once Upon a Time aired for the first time?

It’s weird to think about that point in your life — I was a 15-year-old high schooler at the time of its premiere. Craziness, but that’s the nature of time. Throughout the course of the show’s run, I don’t think I’ve ever been so invested in a TV show as I was with this one. Suffice to say, this show held a very special place in my fangirl heart, as I’m sure it did to a lot of viewers. The magic, romance and adventure of the show was one we craved and one that let us venture into a world (or should I say realms) unknown. It taught us hope, love, redemption and so much more, making this show so dang unique and meaningful. I MISS IT. So in honor of seven years, here are seven memorable scenes from the show.

The Evil Queen’s first entrance

Talk about a grand entrance. From the moment when Regina threw open the doors to Snow and Charming’s wedding, I was enchanted. “Sorry I’m late,” was such a simple line, but it held so much intrigue. Goodness, everything about that scene was just so fierce and amazing. The story had only just begun. We were in for a treat.

A Happy Beginning (Captain Swan wedding!)

We all know that Emma and Hook are my favorite characters ever, and add them as a couple, it just makes it so much better. After seasons and seasons, it was so glorious to see Emma and Hook tie the knot, especially considering how closed off Emma was in season 1. The wedding scene really showed how far they both came from the beginning of the series. Plus, that song is a jam, and I listen to it with my windows rolled down on blast ALL THE TIME. This scene was also so great because everyone came together for their Savior, and it just made sense. It was a joyous moment in an otherwise somber and haunting season 6. I think this scene was just the perfect amount of calm and cuteness that we all needed that season. At least, I needed that season because talk about the angst…

One last glimpse of our faves

The tears were so real in this scene. For one last time, we got to see a room with all our faves from the series (minus a couple). It was bittersweet, but it showed the progression of how everybody changed to become a huge family in the end. I was banking for a final scene with our original characters from the beginning of season 7, and I had no idea whether it would happen or not. So, to see it happen was icing on the proverbial cake. Not only did we see Snow and Charming again after a season without them, but we saw Emma and Killian, oh and baby Hope! It was a nice sendoff, and I don’t think it could have ended any better.

Past Hook vs Present Hook vs Emma…

This scene was just too funny to not add to the list. Not only did we get to see past Hook, but we got to see present Hook’s reaction to his former self. Add to the fact that Emma was hanging out in the Enchanted Forest and wooing former Hook, it was all kinds of great. Seeing Hook fight himself was pretty dang amusing too. It was great.

Henry knocks on Emma’s door

How could I pass up the beginning of the whole journey of OUAT? It started with a simple knock to a door in Boston with a young boy with a black coat and striped scarf. To non-fans of the show, this may not seem like much, but to us fans, this scene was EVERYTHING. The moment Henry knocked on his birth mother’s door, Emma Swan, the story unfolded. We met the Savior who would put a lot of things in Storybrooke in motion.

Hook returns to Emma

Ah, this scene hurts so good. After leaving Hook in the Underworld, I felt my heart slip out of my chest. I stared at the TV long after the episode ended, exclaiming, “this can’t be the end for Captain Swan! It just can’t be!” And it wasn’t. In “Last Rites,” Hook returned from the Underworld back to his love because Captain Swan was Zeus-approved, which is the highest honor in Storybrooke, I would presume. The moment Emma ran into Hook’s arms was the moment I almost fell off my couch because I was so elated. For Captain Swan fans, this moment is one of our favorites because we see that Emma nor Hook ever want to be away from each other — that their love is stronger than death. Take that, Hades, you jerk.

Emma breaks the curse

Duh. Emma breaking the curse by kissing Henry with the power of true love is a scene that will forever be iconic. That was the scene where Emma finally found the family she never knew she had and her family found their daughter after 28 years. It was a heartwarming moment, but of course, the happiness didn’t last long. During this scene, we also welcomed magic into Storybrooke. I was all about that.

There are, of course, so many more memorable scenes from the series, but these are the scenes that really resonated most with me. It was a great seven-year run, and while I wish we had gotten more, I was happy with what we got. OUAT will forever be that show for me that makes me smile and cry and provide me that escape. At least we can rewatch it any time we want, so it’s not totally lost to us. And who knows? Maybe someday along the line we’ll get a reunion movie where Hope is grown and Emma and Hook are dealing with a teenager and Regina is ruling the realms and David and Mary Margaret are just being that married couple down the street. Which scenes are the most memorable for you? Tweet us or tweet me with your favorite scenes!

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