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‘All American’ recap: 1×02, “99 Problems”

All American¬†recap: Season 1, Episode 2, “99 Problems,” Aired October 17, 2018

Welcome back! Please, take a seat. The drama will be served in just a moment, but I can’t promise tea won’t be spilled during this episode recap. You have been warned:

Spencer, the weight of the world will crush your shoulders, you know

We again, open with a football game. As tiny jerseys run around, moms and dads are cheering for their sons and little Spencer wonders where his dad is. But he’s not there. His father’s absence will be a constant motivator for Spencer. To be a better person, to be a better son, to be a better brother, to be a better friend, and to be a better football player. It’s safe to say he’s got some things to work out.

The Beverly Hills life isn’t all bad. We next find Spencer running around with a football on the beach, surrounded by so many pretty ladies. When he spots Leila, he of course zooms over to talk to her. They flirt, they banter, it’s cute. Asher sees this and in his jealousy reveals it was him and Jordan who gave the school the tip about Spencer’s transfer. This is my shocked face. We’re thoroughly shocked. Not really, we knew Asher had something to do with it.

It seems Spencer is having more trouble acclimating then we thought when he gets busted helping his little brother with his homework. I mean, he could be busted doing far worse things. The deal was he would stay with the Baker’s on school nights and come back home on weekends. But his mom should cut him some slack, it must be hard leaving everything you know and love, even if it’s only for five days a week.

Yes, everyone is this intense about high school football

When Asher sprains his ankle at football practice he’s benched for the rest of the week. Spencer suggests that he play both positions, and Coach understandably says no, thinking that it would tire him out.

Meanwhile, there is this fancy-shmancy booster club fundraiser that everyone in the Baker clan is so distraught that Spencer doesn’t have a blazer for. Yeah, he doesn’t have fancy clothes, why couldn’t they possibly connect those dots sooner before Spencer had to keep painfully trying to tell them is beyond me. It’s no big deal, Olivia steps him and gives him one of Coach’s suits to wear.

This party is way to fancy for a high school football team. Is it because it’s Beverly Hills? Is everything and everyone in Beverly Hills so extra? There’s a montage of Spencer and Coach Baker interacting with a bunch of (many are old) white people telling them how to do their jobs/play football. Spencer’s fake smile is gold.

Asher’s dad does start a fight because he’s pissed off Asher can’t play, and implies that it’s Spencer’s fault. He also calls him a thug, and reveals (to everyone else) that it was Jordan and Asher who told the school about Spencer’s transfer. Spencer is hurt and offended at Asher’s dads racist comments and stands up for himself. At least Asher looks mortified at his dads actions and steps in to stop any physical blows. After the altercation Coach agrees to let Spencer play both positions.

At the football game everyone can see that Spencer is hurting (physically, not emotionally, well maybe a little emotionally) so Coach takes him out of the last four seconds of the game and they lose. Spencer’s pissed off because he claims he could have ¬†totally caught that ball, right? Wrong. You can’t even lift your arm up, dude.

The Egg Salad Sandwich Deliverers

When Shawn gives Coop a ride to Spencer’s house, Coop confesses that since he left Shawn offered her protection. Spencer goes all protector mode at Shawn, which of course pisses him off. Later, Spencer finds out that Shawn bought his little brother a comic book and goes to confront him. Shawn punches him really hard in the side and he’s really hurt during the football game. A gun was also pulled on Spencer, but Coop calmed the situation.

Afterwards, Shawn wants Coop to deliver something at someones house, she, and the rest of us watching, were concerned about what could possibly be in the bag, but it turned out to be just an egg salad sandwich. Shawn explains that they take care of their own, so maybe they aren’t so bad? Wishful thinking, I know.

Spencer and Coop go way back to little league when everyone mistook Coop for a boy. They have been best friends ever since, and honestly this friendship is one of the best parts of this series.

Shhhhh, it’s a secret!

Coach: “Jordan? Why didn’t you tell me about sabotaging Spencer?!”

Jordan: “Gee, dad. I don’t know, maybe because I’m desperately trying to seek your approval and your fanboying over Spencer really hurt my feelings.”

That was the gist of the conversation the Bakers had when they got home from the fundraiser. Coach apologizes, and gives Olivia and Jordan a choice in if they want Spencer to live with them. They both agree, and everyone is cool now.

Remember that flashback of little Spencer at his first football game? Coach was there watching! He is soooo Spencer’s father. I wonder when that cat will claw its way out the bag.

Also. Asher and Olivia hooked up once. Not as mind-blowing in the grand scheme of things, but we do learn why Olivia and Leila are so salty towards each other.

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