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The darkest ‘Once Upon a Time’ episodes for the Halloween season

I first would like to preface this article by apologizing for that feature image. Sorry, all!

When you think of Once Upon a Time, your first instincts are probably not shriveling up out of fear and sleeping with the lights on. No, it’s about magic and romance and pixie dust; however, there have been some episodes where it got a tad dark. Obviously, season 5 was a hotbed for some of OUAT’s darker episode. I mean, it was about the Dark Swan, kinda in the theme there. Here is a list of a few of the more creepy episodes to get into the Halloween spirit! Mwahaha.

5×11 “Swan Song”

  • Emma kills Hook this episode, so suffice to say, this episode was a little on the darker side. Besides the fact that this episode makes me cry my eyes out, everything in this episode had a darker side than what we were ever used to watching play out on screen. Oftentimes, there were little tidbits that made you smile or laugh in an episode, but not in “Swan Song.” This was by far the most morbid episode. Emma was forced to kill the love of her life in front of her family. She watched as the man she let her walls down for crumble in her arms as the paramedics took his dead body away. I’m tearing up thinking about this. I don’t think anything else in this show gets darker than seeing Emma run Hook through with Excalibur. Plus, Hook was about to damn them all to Hell, so that was pretty dark within itself.

5×10 “Broken Heart”


Two Dark Ones means equal the trouble and equal the darkness. Once again, this episode was void of any good magical times, as we see Hook become the Dark One after escaping death. Hook as the Dark One was evil, not as evil as Rumple but still pretty dang evil. For one, he crushed Merlin’s heart just so he could go back to Storybrooke to get his revenge. Sure, we saw Hook kill before, but this was different. This was darker because we saw the fight he endured throughout the seasons to be a hero. Also, the things he said to Emma, which I don’t fault him for saying because he was cursed, were super dark stuff. Overall, this episode just really laid it out there with all the evil.

1×07 “The Heart is a Lonely Hunter”


Graham being murdered in cold blood. Enough said — moving on.

3×11 “Going Home”


You might be thinking why I’m considering this dark, but let me explain first. We saw Emma’s walls come down for about 3 seasons; she found her family and friends; she was finally starting to be happy. Then, just like that, everything was taken from her again. Pan’s curse erased ALL of Storybrooke. There was nothing left, no memories to hold onto either. Seeing all those characters, who we learned to love and understand, lose their happiness in different ways was heartbreaking and painful for some fans. And that, my friends, is what makes this episode dark. Within like 30 seconds of screen time, Emma lost her happiness, as did the rest of our characters.

6×12 “Murder Most Foul”


THE DARKNESS IS IN THE FREAKING TITLE. Yeah, so, this episode was all kinds of sad and dark and oh my Captain Swan heart just about broke. Long story short, Captain Swan is finally embarking on the journey of life, otherwise known as marriage, when we learn of a dark, buried secret. Hook was the one responsible for murdering Charming’s father way back in the day. Additionally, Charming went a little Dark Charming there for a second when he almost murdered his adoptive father, but Hook was there to shake him from the darkness. Yet, we weren’t out of the dark woods because that’s when August delivered us with the news of who really killed Charming’s father.

Of course, there has been a lot of more dark moments throughout the show, such as Snow killing Cora, Zelena doing anything really in season 3, Regina’s reign of terror, Hook’s misdeeds, any other villain who has ever been evil and creepy. However, these episodes take the cake in levels of darkness. What episode do you think is the darkest of OUAT? Sound off below or tweet us or me because duh!

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