‘The Good Place’ recap: 3×04 “Jeremy Bearimy”

The Good Place recap: Season 3, Episode 4, “Jeremy Bearimy,” Aired Oct. 18, 2018
Time on Earth is linear, and time in the afterlife moves in a “Jeremy Bearimy.” Basically, when plotted, the timeline of the afterlife looks like the name “Jeremy Bearimy” in cursive. Michael claims that’s the easiest way to put it, but none one really understands the explanation. And, seriously, what moments of time are the dot over the “i”?

The Good Place 3x04 Jeremy Bearimy time in the afterlife

Well, if you wanted an explanation for the episode title, that’s what we got.

“Our bad”

The Good Place 3x04 Jeremy Bearimy The Soul Squad sees the afterlife and doomed for eternity

After Eleanor easily sees through Michael’s lie that he and Janet are FBI agents, Michael is forced to tell the truth to the group. On top of learning that they’ve all died and been tortured for the equivalent of hundreds of years, the fact that the gang saw through the door and into the afterlife means that they can no longer earn points. When humans learn about the afterlife system, their motivations for being good changes.

So now the group must move on with the knowledge that they’re all eternally doomed. And Michael and Janet have to move on knowing that they’ve failed.

“You’re a good person, Eleanor”

The Good Place Jeremy Bearimy 3x04 Eleanor reverts to bad

Eleanor tries very hard to revert to her old ways when she learns being good is essentially worthless for her. However, those ethics lessons seem to have gotten to her. She finds a wallet in a bar and inconveniences herself to return it to its rightful owner. Eleanor even resisted the urge to take the money from the wallet before returning it.

When the wallet is returned, the owner is extremely grateful. He thanks Eleanor for her trouble and tells her that she’s a good person and he hopes his daughter grows up to be like her. This encounter inspires her to get the group back together so they can help others. Even though they’re doomed, the Soul Squad can still help save the people they care about on Earth.

The Good Place 3x04 Jeremy Bearimy Eleanor Shellstrop is a good person

Courage and generosity

Tahani decides to be good for the sake of being good, even if it won’t get her into the Good Place. She donates $2 million to the Sydney Opera House and asks that the donation remain anonymous. She also recruits Jason, and the two of them hand out “free money” to random people on the street.

When Tahani learns that her money would change Jason’s life, she tries to transfer her money to him. The bank (smartly) won’t let her, so she and Jason get married to make the transfer of funds easy. You know, as people do.

The Good Place 3x04 Jeremy Bearimy Tahani and Jason get married and tacos

Who, what, where, when, WINE

The Good Place 3x04 Jeremy Bearimy Chidi complete mental breakdown

Chidi has a complete breakdown after learning the truth. He just doesn’t know what to do anymore – more than usual. He spirals, thinking the world is empty and pointless. Chidi goes shopping without a shirt, buying basically any junk that lands in his cart. He makes a huge pot of chili with Peeps and M&Ms, which he actually eats. Chidi even gives up on lecturing about ethics, breaking down during one of his classes and telling his students to adhere to nihilism because moral philosophy is worthless.

But the Chidi we know and love wasn’t completely lost during his breakdown; he got his trademark stomachache, though that could be the candy chili talking.


To conclude, did anyone else completely forget Larry existed until he walked in at the end? That was great!

Now that Team Cockroach/The Brainy Bunch has become the Soul Squad, I can’t wait to see how they go about helping the people they care about on Earth.

Also, I would love that cinnamon roll recipe Janet put in the manifesto she wrote.


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