‘Riverdale’ 3×02: Are the Gargoyle King, the Farm and the parents all connected?

Riverdale Season 3, Episode 02, “Chapter Thirty-Seven: Fortune and Men’s Eyes,” Aired October 17, 2018

We love Riverdale. It’s a show that easily slips into the guilty pleasure category of  our TV watching because it goes all in on the crazy and refuses to apologize for it. But another reason we fell in love with this show to begin with back in season 1 was it’s superb ability to build an intriguing mystery.

One thing that worried us going into the third season was that Riverdale would try to keep the Black Hood story going either because they thought it was just that compelling or in an effort to redeem themselves for last season’s lack luster conclusion to that mystery.

But to our surprise, the Black Hood is just a passing mention and the Gargoyle King is front and center in Riverdale 3×02. The Gargoyle King stems from a D&D-like game that Dilton, Ben and Ethel had been playing all summer. And the ritual-like way Dilton and Ben were laid out in the woods are all connected to it, but we think there is even more connection than that running through this episode.

Evelyn Evernever and the Farm

There is something particularly spooky about Evelyn Evernever. Her dad is Edgar, the cult leader at the Farm that has sucked in Polly and Alice Cooper. What strikes us about Evelyn in this episode isn’t just her sneaky, corner dwelling ways, it’s that she was present for Betty’s random seizure AND Ethel’s. Betty’s was right when she saw her niece and nephew being dropped onto a bonfire, and Ethel’s was when she was about to spill the beans about their summer-long table top game. It feels like the Farm and the Gargoyle King are connected in a major way and it seems like Evelyn is smack dab in the middle of it all. Is Eveyln’s father the Gargoyle King? Is the farm really a giant larping group? Only time will tell.



We love the parents in Riverdale. Not only are they all complex, hot AF and crazy – but they all went to school together too! (Also, we should discuss the obvious pregnancy pact they surely had to have ALL of their kids be the same age – cuz yeah, that’s got to be a thing.) At the end of Riverdale 3×02, the parents are gathered in a room to discuss “the night” that they agreed to never speak of again. Blue lips and ritual death struck quite a cord with all of them and it just cranked this season’s mystery up by twenty. Did they play the game too? Luckily, we will get a glimpse into the past soon with a juicy flashback episode (set to air Nov. 7th) which has the “kids” playing the younger versions of the parents on the show.

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Bughead investigates

Another great thing about the mystery in Season 3 isn’t just the plot of it, but the fact that Bughead are back in the investigation team. Yeah, we get that Jughead had to take over a gang and stuff in Season 2, but we much prefer him sneaking around taking photos and being a weirdo with Betty. They are right at the center of this mystery as they chase down each clue. They even came face to face with the Gargoyle King her/himself! If anyone can connect the crazy dots of a Riverdale mystery, it’s Bughead.

And Hell, let’s throw Mad Dog and the Warden in here too because why not. IT’S ALL CONNECTED!

 What did you think of the episode? Do you have your own theories? Hit the comments and tell us your thoughts!

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