‘The Resident’ 2×04: Top 3 moments from “About Time”

The Resident 2×04, “About Time”, Aired October 15, 2018.

It finally happened. Conrad is in trouble for performing an unauthorized procedure. He’s being sued by a patient who’s had a less than stellar recovery. Meanwhile, Devon is trying to be friends with Julian while maintaining a friends-only zone. That won’t last. She’s very confident and likely to trample over boundaries. All we can do is wait for it to blow up and hope the damage is minimal. The Resident 2×04 was not our favorite episode, but we’ve got our top 3 moments.

It’s a Gilmore Girls reunion

'The Resident' 2x04 Tanc Sade as Josh Robinson
The Resident | FOX

In omnia paratus. If you know, you know. If you don’t, it’s a Gilmore Girls reference that will change your life. Tanc Sade guest stars as Josh Robinson, the patient suing Conrad. He’s a “professional adventure guide.” Cut the act, we know it’s you Finn. Just own up to your Life and Death Brigade ways, jk. For non-Gilmore Girls fans, Tanc Sade was Finn, Logan Huntzberger (Matt Czuchry)’s best friend and fellow member of the secret society, the Life and Death Brigade. Logan, Finn, and their friend Colin got up to some crazy adventures. One adventure, landed Logan in the hospital. Tanc Sade/Josh Robinson gave us all the nostalgia when he started describing his various scars to Conrad and Nic. If only he weren’t suing Conrad.

She’s an ancestor

'The Resident' 2x04 Mina Okafor
The Resident | FOX

You guys, Mina is a straight up bad-ass and I love it. She is protective of her independence and not about to let some old men treat her like hospital property. Although, most residents probably do feel like hospital property and don’t have the gumption to pull a Mina. Ortho surgeon, Dr. Kit Voss (Jane Leeves) asks Bell for a new resident and Dr. Austin loses his protégé. Honestly, Austin is turning into a pompous douche. He didn’t let Mina cut and just raved about himself. Everyone gets it, you’re awesome and into Mina. News flash, that’s not the way to gain her favor. Anyways, Voss is perfect for Mina. She’s down to earth, enjoys her practice, and gives her residents ample opportunities to learn. Plus, Voss has been in the game for a while and has a few tricks up her sleeve.

'The Resident' 2x04 Mina and Kit
The Resident | FOX

Dr. Austin freaked out when he saw Mina getting comfortable with Voss. Again, commandeering all of Mina’s time and acting like a dictator is not the way to get a date. Until Austin learns that, he’s going to be dealing with major heartbreak because Mina does not care. When Austin told Mina he got Bell to assign her back, she rejected him. She’s ready to learn. Austin went on and on about his mentors and being descended from giants in the field. Cue Mina with the mic-dropping, jaw-dropping, drink-dropping, world-stopping line of the century. “I am not interested in your line of giants. I am the first in my line. I’m an ancestor–not your descendent.” Yes, girl. You deserve all the applause.

“Remember: ‘Yes’, ‘no’, ‘I don’t recall.'”

'The Resident' 2x04 Conrad
The Resident | FOX

Marshall is the fairy godfather of making lawsuits disappear. Thanks to Josh, Conrad is in the hot seat with lawyers trying to nab him for malpractice. To them, Conrad’s a walking dollar sign. It’s pretty sad. The Resident did make sure to include its own form of a disclaimer at the beginning of the episode. The gang overheard a lawyer speaking with their client about a doctor’s actions and Conrad took a stand. He was glad people were able to sue because it kept medical errors at bay as hospitals are diligent to avoid law suits.

'The Resident' 2x04 Lawyer
The Resident | FOX

Conrad doesn’t just speak his mind and follow his values when it comes to his friends. Marshall tried to get Conrad to commit to answering with those 3 special answers, “yes,” “no,” and “I don’t recall.” Unluckily for him, Conrad is a straight shooter and a beacon of truth. He told his side of the story and Marshall said he’d stand by Conrad, which, Conrad was taken aback by. Remember, all we’ve seen so far is Nice Marshall. Bad Marshall did exist, and still may, we just haven’t met him yet.

'The Resident' 2x04 Marshall and Josh
The Resident | FOX

The end scene with Marshall getting into Josh’s elevator is one of the episode’s top moments. Marshall knows how to get people to do what he wants and he’s way too busy to deal with courts. He offered Josh an off-the-records settlement with the express demand that Josh tell Conrad he had a change of heart and was dropping the suit. For most of us, we’d be grateful. For Conrad, he’d feel even more suspicious and probably angry that his father was just throwing money at a problem to get rid of it. It’s probably a Bad Marshall trait.

The Resident 2×04 special shout-outs

'The Resident' 2x04 Nic and Conrad
The Resident | FOX
  • Chastain is getting the least expensive patients because they give out stale, possibly molding, bagels instead of gourmet meals to EMTs like Atlanta General. So, of course, Bell is building a fancy EMT lounge. I just hope the nurses have one just as nice. Especially since, you know, they actually work at Chastain.
  • Dr. Kit Voss probably has muscles of steel from breaking her patient’s bones. Oddly, watching Mina hammer an old lady’s hip was cathartic.
  • Bell’s backstory is tragic. His parents worked their asses off and Bell chose his profession to help them live a good life. They died before he completed his residency.
  • All of the patients were from a concert that had a speaker blow out like a bomb which caused a stampede. Bell actually helped the everyday Joes by announcing Chastain would forgive the concert-goers’ bills which for Chastain, wasn’t much. However, by setting this precedence, all of the other hospitals are set to lose millions. Suck it, Atlanta General.
'The Resident' 2x04 Conrad volunteering
The Resident | FOX

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