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‘Black Lightning’ 2×02: Top 4 moments from “Black Jesus Blues”

Black Lightning 2×02 recap: Season 2, Episode 2, “The Book of Consequences: Chapter Two: Black Jesus Blues”, Aired Oct. 16, 2018

Black Lightning returns to our screens again for our weekly dose – yay! In this week’s episode, we see a lot of drama going down!

Lets breakdown the top 4 moments from 2×02:

#1 Anissa gets a new boo

Anissa and Jennifer have girl time and talk about some things that’s been on their minds, like: the good and the bad of their new-found powers, the perks of having no more period cramps, the possibility of maybe being infertile (we really hope not), and lastly about relationship stuff. Jennifer is still in a dilemma over Khalil and it sounds like Anissa was trying to give advice. But Jennifer jokingly calls her out about how she can’t give relationship advice when she’s single. That conversation goes deeper and it reminds Anissa she needs to go out, have fun, and actually try find someone. Aaaand that is EXACTLY what happened.

Anissa heads out to a bar and catches a fine looking girl singing and playing guitar. She gets so into this girl’s music that she walks over and pulls a bold (sexy) move on the girl. I think it’s fair to say that Anissa has the best chat-up game ever! They end up spending the night together, and get much closer than maybe Anissa first anticipated. However, she still takes up her new boo’s offer about meeting up that following night. But unlucky for Anissa, she bumps into an old flame, Grace. Uh-oh, talk about awkward moments, right?

#2 Jefferson using his ‘stepping down as principal’ as a teaching lessons to his pupils

Jefferson gets some more bad news from the school after he has a meeting with Dr. Napier Frank. The two discuss the new principal of Garfield High, which does not go down well when Jefferson finds out it’s a white man. This is understandable since the school i s predominately black, so the most important person in charge would make sense to be someone who understands them and is relatable to the children as much as possible. With the racism and hatred the black community face, it’s no wonder that Jefferson is angry they would let a white male be in power over many black students.

Sadly, Jefferson has to face consequences to his actions and has no real say who will replace him. This basically translates that he needs to be on board with the plan – without question. Ugh, if only they knew who he really was! With Jefferson being on board with the board, they believe it will cut down in the possible back-lash they may face by announcing a white principal to replace him.

Later on at an assembly taking place at the school, Jefferson gives the bad news to his students that he needs to step down as principal. It was incredibly hard for him to them know, especially after all their upset reactions. He comforts the students by letting them know that he will still be there for them and that he will now just be a teacher in the school. However, he does have to take things as a learning curve and set an example to his students. Actions have consequences, and today his consequence is that he is no longer principle of Garfield High. What happened next was simple beautiful. Jefferson’s students recite the mantra that he has always said time-and-time again to them all:

Where’s the future? Right here. And who’s life is it? Mine. What are you going to do with it? Live it. By any means necessary.”

This time Jefferson was on the receiving end of the mantra and it truly highlighted how much of a difference he made in their lives. I almost shed a tear! I’m going to start living by this mantra. Thanks Black Lightning!

#3 The abilities of Issa (aka ‘body bag boy’) are revealed in more detail

Remember the boy from the pods who died and came back to life again? Yeah, his name is Issa and we find out some more interesting facts about him in this episode. As per Lynn’s request, she put it upon herself to analyse the children who were took by the ASA and placed in those pods By further understanding their biology, genetics, etc, Lynn will get to have a deeper understanding into Green Light and the meta-humans. This could potentially lead to a ‘cure’ if that is ever going to be placed on the table. One of the kids she gets to analyze is Issa, and his results is incredibly interesting.

After Issa’s girlfriend visits him, she has a sudden outburst and says all these horrible things to him. Of course he get’s upset over this so Lynn ends up inviting him to her family home for dinner. As the Pierce family and Issa sit down for their dinner, again everyone has random outburts to each other. However, Jefferson is quick to notice Issa’s jugular vein glows just before people start saying all these things to each other. It turns out, Issa’s power is getting people to say what they are really thinking. Later, Jennifer discovers his ability only when he is looking into a person’s eyes and asking questions, for it to work.

Lynn gets Issa’s full lab work up back and reveals that he does indeed have the meta-gene. However, since it was artificially obtained from Green Light drug, his body will eventually break down. This is due to the fact that his cells won’t stabilize again, and therefor eventually dye (apoptosis). Issa’s only options now is a premature death or go back in the pod and hope that soon that Lynn can synthesis a cure.

#4 Jennifer turning down Kahlil

Jennifer is going through tough time right now, as she tries to learn how to control her powers, and to make matters worse she still has to deal with boy drama. Khalil turns up outside her bedroom window (like the good old days – HAH!), with a pathetic apology for what went down in the school. He tries to justify his reasoning’s for attacking the school and Black Lightning, but Jennifer ain’t having it. It’s understandable that Khalil feels like he owes Tobias since he made him walk again, but there is a fine line in a favor and then out-right MURDERING people. Sorry, Khalil but that apology is not accepted! Then Khalil confesses that he still has feelings for Jennifer. To his unfortunate luck, Jennifer doesn’t feel the same, looses her cool (and control of her powers) and pushes him off the roof of the house. That is definitely a lesson to never mess with Jennifer – LOL!

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Black Lightning airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW.


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