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‘Arrow’ Season 7 Premiere: Mornin’ “Inmate 4587”

Arrow Season 7 Premiere recap: Season 7, Episode 1, “Inmate 4587,” Aired October 15, 2018

“Mornin,’ 4587. Beautiful day.”

The day is beautiful indeed after that Arrow premiere. The birds are chirping a fight song for Felicity, the wind is cool and calm for Oliver, and the sun is shining over Future William and Future Roy on Lian Yu. Remember those thirty minutes during the episode where everyone was like “who is this rando, and why do we care he’s going to Purgatory?” Ah, ignorance is bliss. Now our minds are blown to smithereens and we just have to accept it. But lets focus on present day and willfully jump into the world of Slabside Maximum Security Prison:

Monte Cristo, Stan the Fan, and Passive Compliance

Oliver Queen, everyone’s favorite ex-billionaire/playboy now ex-vigilante/mayor is serving a life sentence. Because Diaz is still at large (how?!), that sentence includes no visits from Felicity and William. On a side note, my head cannon is Thea called a couple times to talk to her big bro – because feelings.

Oliver figures that if he keeps his head down and stays out of trouble, his life sentence could be reduced. Which is reasonable, and at the start of the episode it seems to work out for him. Not everyone is “grr, you put me in here, grr,” some people are like “you have a reputation for violence, and honestly you have a general dead inside vibe that really creeps me out.” And I respect that.

However, Brickwell, Bronze Tiger, and Derek Sampson make some trouble for Oliver. After Oliver gets Bronze Tiger in solitary confinement, so Brickwell needs a new man for his illegal operation. Who better than the former Green Arrow? Oliver declines, even after he threatens Felicity and William. Oliver then declines a second time, and I’m sure this is the moment when everyone was supposed to be horrified at Oliver’s actions, or lack-thereof, when we watched Stan get bloodied in Oliver’s rearview mirror. Because Stan (I know it’s Stanley, but he’s Stan to me) wanted protection from Oliver and followed him around when Oliver said not to, Brickwell used him as leverage to get Oliver to join him.

But I’m not angry at Oliver (and I never expected to be, he’s still sweet bean Ollie Queen). I understand. I empathize with both Stan and Oliver. However, The Count of Monte Cristo is still next to the picture of his family. We knew Oliver would abandon his passive compliance sooner rather than later.

Everyone, this is Erin. She’s a pink-haired barista.

Saving the world one espresso at a time. Felicity’s witness protection look is a very pleasing, pink, and perfect aesthetic. I believe we do not need to say more.

So, lets talk about the cute tech nerd guy that asked out Felicity shall we? That whole interaction was a nice reprieve from the darkness. And yes Felicity, you still got it! When did you ever lose it?

Over at home, its already abundantly clear that Felicity and William grew exponentially closer over the last five months. Partly because they had too, and partly because the love was already there. Also, William is starting to be super broody and I kind of love it. Lord knows his teenage angst will be at full force when the time comes.

After Felicity gives William the hozen and says she will always be able to find him, I believe my heart grew two sizes. I love their bond.

Felicity The Dragon Slayer and Oliver The Nude Prisoner: Together They Form Olicity

Beth Schwartz was right (duh, she’s the showrunner). They are apart, but together.

First, we have Oliver and Felicity undergoing their morning routines. Oliver’s routine is interrupted in the middle of his shower, and Felicity’s routine is interrupted when she hears a thud and goes to check on William. A gang of people jump Oliver, and Diaz attacks Felicity. What follows is Oliver’s usual badassery, with heightened stakes and stylistic choices. Felicity is usually a badass behind a computer, but that won’t save her and William this time. She legitimately beats up Diaz before he got the upper hand. Also, if ARGUS showed up just in time, how could he have possibly evaded them?

We are left with Oliver naked on a disgusting prison shower floor, being told his wife is dead, and that it was a message from Diaz. Only Felicity isn’t dead, and he see’s that for himself when she visits him in prison. They have an honest and EMOTIONAL (I’m crying real tears) conversation about the realities they are both facing. Oliver says the whole point of him being in prison was to keep her and William safe, but Felicity’s done hiding. She’s fighting. It’s her, not Oliver, that gets to decide what she’s going to do. How she’s going to fight back. Which in result, inspires Oliver to fight back as well. This scene is the most emotional the pair have ever shared and the performances speak for themselves.

Diggle, ARGUS, Diggle

Jack Rowand/The CW

Digg visits Oliver regularly. We know the bromance is back in full force when Diggle worries about Oliver’s psyche. It’s the classic Diggle we all know and love.

Diggle is working at ARGUS with Lyla, and apparently Curtis as well. All trying and failing to catch Diaz. Again, HOW?!

Captain Dinah, Earth 2 DA, Wild Dog, and NEW GREEN ARROW

Dinah is the new captain, and it’s well deserved considering she’s of the very few who weren’t in Diaz’s pocket. Black Siren is also the new district attorney. Maybe we’ll see more canary clashing in our future.

Rene. It’s a new season, and I’m trying to get past last year but you are making it very difficult. Yes, wanting to give Star City something to believe in again is a noble goal. HOWEVER, do you remember that Oliver went to prison, and is serving a life sentence so you can have immunity? Why does immunity not matter to you all the sudden? I thought the whole reason you dropped the dime on Oliver was for your daughter, who you will be leaving if you get arrested, and as a result all of this would be for nothing? So, you think it’s a GOOD IDEA to suit up again? Correct? Just making sure. Hard sigh.

I honestly don’t know who the new Green Arrow is at this point. They have a list of names, which is cool.

Old Roy, Older William, Same Lian Yu

Flash-forwards, baby! In twenty years William will be looking for someone on Lian Yu and will run into Roy. Who’s all alone. Which saddens me. Why is our parkouring teddy bear alone? Who let this happen? What’s going on?!

P.S: The island did explode, I highly doubt Robert Queen’s grave remained untouched, but whatever.

Arrow will return Monday nights at 8 PM on The CW.



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