‘DC Universe’ Show Launch Timeline: What we know so far

The DC Universe streaming service is off on the right foot with the series premiere of Titans (click here to read Ellen’s recap on the pilot)

Titans is the first one out the gate. There’s going to be five additional original series (4 all new and 1 returning series) on the service within the next year.

DC Universe Timeline (DC)

Young Justice: Outsiders (1st half in January 2019, 2nd half in Summer 2019)

Young Justice has seen a grassroots movement on social media since it was cancelled in 2013. It has received a second chance on DC Universe. The whole cast as well as creators Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti. New characters will join the original roster including Spoiler, Static Shock, Arrowette, Thirteen, Kid Flash (Bart Allen), Robin (Tim Drake), to name a few as they go up against metahuman trafficking. The wait’s nearly over!

Doom Patrol (early 2019):

DC’s most unorthodox gang of misfits will be hitting the screens next year and its got a loaded cast. It stars former 007 Timothy Dalton, OITNB’s Diane Guerrero, Brendan Fraser, Matt Bomer, Alan Tudyk and April Bowlby. However, they’ll make their debut on Titans this season before spinning off on their own.

Swamp Thing (Summer 2019):


DC’s resident monster with a rich, extensive history will surface next summer. Aquaman director, James Wan will exec-produce the project alongside showrunners Mark Verheiden (Battlestar Galactica, Daredevil) and Gary Dauberman (It and the upcoming sequel) and it’s said to be a “hard-R” horror series.

Stargirl (Fall 2019):


Stargirl will make her debut next fall in her titular series. Brec Basinger (Bella and the Bulldogs) has been tapped to play 16-year-old Courtney Whitmore/Stargirl. Geoff Johns is set to write & produce her 13-episode season as it follows Courtney, after moving to Blue Valley, discovers that she’s the granddaughter of the Star-Spangled Kid and she inspires a new generation of heroes. No stranger to the live-action realm with appearances on Smallville and Legends of Tomorrow. Stargirl will be skewed to a younger “PG-13” audience, tonally it’ll be inspired by the Reeves-era Superman films, Wonder Woman, Back to the Future, to name a few.

Harley Quinn (fall/winter 2019):

Art by Amanda Conner (DC)

Move over, Joker!

Harley Quinn takes the spotlight in her self-titled adult animated series. The story follows the lovable lunatic as she breaks up with the Joker for a fresh start with her BFF Poison Ivy in tow as she tries to get a seat at the table as a member of the Legion of Doom. Hard-R meta hijinks will ensue. The Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco will be rockin’ the red & black as Harley alongside an all-star cast including Giancarlo Esposito, Christopher Meloni, Ron Funches,  Alan Tudyk, (doubling up with Doom Patrol), Wanda Sykes, JB Smoove, Jason Alexander and iZombie’s Rahul Kohli, who’s been tapped to play the Scarecrow.

Check out the trailer below. Nothing and no one‘s off the table…even a certain red-clad fourth wall breaking Canadian!

(NB: The New 52 run by Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner is a big influence on the show, go seek this out)

What are YOU looking forward to? Comment below!

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