‘The Good Doctor’ 2×04 recap: “Tough Titmouse”

The Good Doctor recap: Season 2, Episode 4, “Tough Titmouse,” aired Oct. 15, 2018.

Fine, I’ll just cry myself to sleep. THAT’S FINE! I swear, I don’t know how they do it, but this episode topped the last. I just cried some real and ugly tears in such a short span of time. This episode hit me in all the feels imaginable. I just don’t understand how they do it every single week? The showrunners, actors, writers, crew, etc just blow me away. Let’s take a look at this episode.

Hallucinations of Maddy

Glassman is adamant to stay awake long enough to talk to his deceased daughter. We knew that his daughter had died, but we never knew the extent of her death and their relationship. Well, we got that information tonight, and boy did that hurt times a million and two. I was blown away by the emotions playing out between Maddy and Glassman in that hospital room. Whoever that actress is that played her did an amazing job, as did Richard Schiff. I was a crying mess by the end of the episode because of them.

Maddy pushes Glassman to talk more in depth about their relationship instead of focusing on the good memories. He kept refusing, kept deflecting the hurt of the past, and now I understand why. Maddy was a drug addict, and Glassman was more absent than not throughout her childhood. They argue in the hospital room about their torn relationship and how Glassman just wanted her to be his little princess forever. However, one fateful night, he found Maddy getting high again, and he locked her out of the house. That was the night that she died. His wife had wanted to send her to rehab, but he denied that idea wanting to play hero and fix her himself. It’s hard for me to want to fault Glassman in this situation because it is delicate. Either way, his past of losing his daughter is absolutely tragic, and I feel for him. I know I wanted to find out what happened to Maddy but hearing it play out, I was not ready for it. I am emotional.

Karaoke, apartment hunting, oh my

Melendez and Park aren’t too good with the friendship advice it would seem. One of the nurses tells Shaun that he just has to be nice to Lea to earn her forgiveness. However, Lea isn’t willing to simply fall at his feet when he apologizes with a donut. I don’t know, I think if one of my friends gave me a donut, I would forget about why I was mad at them. Well, at least in the moment. After I ate the donut, then the grudge would be SO ON. She sets off to find an apartment, refusing the offer to live in her old apartment. Hulleja, Kenny has been arrested!

Shaun shows up unannounced to an apartment showing, which Lea is quick to tell him it’s creepy that he’s following her. Oh, Shaun. That is not the way to win her back, man. Shaun’s next tactic includes lighting up his apartment with disco balls and setting up karaoke when she arrives back. Although, she shuts that down real quick. (Again, I would like if my friends did that for me. Take notes, friends.) She tells him that he didn’t even hear why she came back from Hershey — that she expected her caring friend to greet her, but didn’t get that from him. I see her problem with him to be honest. In the end, they make up and Shaun drops that he bought the apartment she was crushin’ on for them both. Uhhhh….my reaction was her reaction in this scene.

Thrill vs life

Claire and Morgan are dealing with an adrenaline junky. After having fallen off a mountain, A MOUNTAIN, Kitty decides that she still wants to continue climbing. Girl, I once roller bladed off a set of stairs in high school gym class, and I refused to put on a pair of skates ever again. I think my gym teacher was definitely okay with my decision. Her parents, however, don’t dig her decision to get the surgery that would have her up and climbing again. Kitty ultimately decides that it’s her life, and she wouldn’t mind dying doing something she loves. Her parents tell her they can tell the hospital that she’s not in her right mind. After that, Kitty tells Claire to tell her parents that she never wants to see them again. Ouch. If Morgan hadn’t suggested that surgery, we wouldn’t have had this problem. Can you still tell I don’t like Morgan?

Melendez has my heart

Ugh, what a man. Melendez, Shaun and Park are treating a patient with a disability, and the mother says she wants just one night to herself. Shaun, meanwhile, is having flashbacks to a time in the foster care system with a woman who didn’t go to church, drank a lot and had sex with strange men. Her words, not mine. I think the balance between that woman and Shaun was good because she was tough as nails, and it seemed like she cared about him in her own way. As time goes on in her care, she tells Shaun that he has to leave because she’s dying. She didn’t give up on him because she wanted to, she did it because she had to. Also, she taught Shaun the phrase “tough titmouse,” which he used to think about to calm down in difficult moments. I think I might steal that phrase for future reference.

Now for the scene that made me cry tears because it was too sweet, and I couldn’t handle it. Once again, I love how this show focuses on people with different disabilities. It’s what makes this show so unique, so special. We learn that Melendez has a sister, at least that’s what I’m getting from context of that scene, with a disability who lives in a group home. He was so sweet with her, and now I understand why he told the boy’s mother that she would regret sending him to live in a group home. It hit home for him. Aw man, someone gives Melendez a hug.

So, this episode was all kinds of emotional but so beautifully done. I will never not be shocked by how truly amazing and moving this show is. I love it so very much. What did you think of tonight’s episode? Sound off below or tweet us.

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