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‘Van Helsing’ recap: Brad and Cort Talk Ep 3×02, “Super Unknown”

Van Helsing Ep 3×02, “Super Unknown” aired on Oct 12, 2018

Welcome back, Helsingers. If there were any doubts, badassery is clearly in the Van Helsing genes. This week’s episode takes us back to the past. Like wayyyyy back. We briefly see Vanessa and Scarlett’s ancestor, Lillian. The latter is in an asylum and faces up with a vampire with some interesting skills. Scarlett’s worried about her sister after glimpsing her red, glowing eyes and after Vanessa confesses her new craving for blood.

Hit Play and listen in as Brad and Cort discuss Ep 3×02, “Super Unknown”. Brad has a theory about Renfield and the connections to Dracula and the Van Helsings. Is the show trying to do some kind of weird and unnecessary love triangle with the sisters and Axel? What is up with Vanessa’s fixation on that blade and can Elder Susan be trusted? Give us a listen and then be sure to drop a comment or in our Facebook group with your thoughts on Ep 3×02, “Super Unknown”. You can also send us an email at [email protected]


Brad & Cort Talk ‘Van Helsing’, Ep 3×02 “Super Unknown”×02-super-unknown


Van Helsing airs Fridays on Syfy at 9/8c

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